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Topic: DSL 1.4 is out!
started by: John

Posted by John on Aug. 02 2005,06:20
Robert did an enormous amount of work improving DSL for 1.4 -- there is too much to list here.  Check out the notes page for the details.  We have a new xmms theme bult by SaidinUnleashed and Ke4nt.  On the entertainment side, we now have the Ace of Penguins suite in the base iso.
Posted by mcangeli on Aug. 02 2005,12:50
Hey, there is a torrent available at linuxtracker.org

< http://linuxtracker.org/torrents-details.php?id=479&hit=1 >
takes you to the torrent page

< http://linuxtracker.org/?cat=104 > is the Damn small Category page where you can see all the DSL torrents we have.

Posted by adssse on Aug. 02 2005,13:43
Wow, you guys just keep cranking new releases out. Thanks for all your hard work.
Posted by cbagger01 on Aug. 02 2005,17:17
Nice job with the updates.  Can't wait to check them out.

Low RAM users should love this release.
Ace is better than the other games/toys that were removed
XMMS Skin looks nice in the screencapture
frugal user writable is a nice touch
and all of the other improvements look very promising.

Posted by adraker on Aug. 02 2005,17:56
I'm so happy, I could just honk!
More roberts magic, and nice job on the
skin fellas!
Lots to get familiar with.


Posted by cbagger01 on Aug. 03 2005,04:48
Got a chance to play around with 1.4 tonight, and things are looking good.  All of the improvements are welcome.

I did notice a couple things when I upgraded my USB pendrive.

It appears that the /CURRENT bootfloppy images (usb and regular) have not been updated with the new bootcodes for DSL 1.4  so the pendrive installs do not have the new bootcodes.

It appears that the isolinux.cfg bootcodes include a parameter called "nopam".  Is this a typo and should be "noapm", or is there really a command called "nopam".  If so, what exactly does pam do and is she a nice girl or a not so nice girl  :laugh:

Posted by joer on Aug. 03 2005,05:17
I like the new wallpaper program, nice touch.
Posted by roberts on Aug. 03 2005,19:23
It appears that the /CURRENT bootfloppy images (usb and regular) have not been updated with the new bootcodes for DSL 1.4  so the pendrive installs do not have the new bootcodes.

New floppy images have been posted with the new boot codes and options.

Posted by DSL is Best on Aug. 23 2005,17:41
hehe :D from where can i get DSL 1.4  
tell the web address please

and one more thing
i never used linux beofre
so is DSL same as other linux ?

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 23 2005,19:19
Download mirrors:
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/download.html >

DSL is the same as other Linux distros in that it uses the Linux kernel, GNU utilities (or busybox equivalent), and standard *nix file structure.
It is quite different from many other distros in that it is typically run from a compressed filesystem, and makes use of mountable applications.

There are other similarities/differences, but these are the ones I find most important.

Posted by adssse on Sep. 06 2005,01:11
I just burned a cd of 1.4 recently and went to do a fresh frugal install with it, but when I booted it up in command line only mode and typed '/usr/sbin/frugal_instal.sh' as root it said something about it couldnt be found. Is this normal or am I missing something. I do the exact same thing with my 1.3 cd and it works fine.
Posted by cbagger01 on Sep. 06 2005,02:43

I just did a

whereis frugal_install.sh

and it found it at:


Note the two "L"s in the word install

Posted by adssse on Sep. 06 2005,03:23
Your absolutely right, I only typed one 'L'. It seems in past versions I always typed it with one 'L' to run the script, did the name of the script change by a 'L' or am I just going nuts? :)
Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 06 2005,03:25
No, it was probably a typo correction ..   :)

as the installs improve in function,
their gloss is polished once in a while too!


Posted by twrensch on Sep. 06 2005,20:24
Just noticed a 1.5 iso is available for download, but nothing else has been updated on the site. Any idea what's going on?
Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 06 2005,20:44
Quote (twrensch @ Sep. 06 2005,15:24)
Just noticed a 1.5 iso is available for download...
...Any idea what's going on?


DSL is about to go public with a new release!

Aren't you glad your already here,
to get yourself a copy before the rush !?


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