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started by: John

Posted by John on Nov. 22 2005,08:16
After much work, we are releasing 2.0 to the community!  Take a look at the change log to get the full detail of all the changes.  Robert pulled some amazing work for this release, including integration of the MyDSL system into JWM, and modifications of JWM 0.24 so that we have compatible menu functions.

< http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/download.html >

< http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/notes.html >

Posted by dmizzel on Nov. 22 2005,08:39
Excellent!!!!!! I will download as I sleep tonight. Any suggestions, requirements, or steps for upgrading a frugal install (from 1.5 to 2.0)?
Posted by hs7sv on Nov. 22 2005,09:54
dmizzel, pls read < this >
Posted by mcangeli on Nov. 22 2005,11:44
Damn Small Linux 2.0 is available for download via Bittorrent at Linuxtracker.org


Name: Damn Small Linux 2.0
Size: 47.85 MB
Category: Damn Small
Uploaded by: mcangeli

A new major version of Damn Small Linux has been released. From the changelog: "new kernel 2.4.31 and modules; new 64 cloops; new prism2 support; updated ndiswrapper support; new autodetected LT winmodems; new naim patched for TOC2 - dropped bsflite; new PCMCIA card control GUI; new floppy tool GUI; updated Firefox and with mine types for mailto and irc, bookmarks; updated pcmcia-cs to v3.2.5; fixed USB hotplug; rewrote cloop management up to 64 cloops; updated iwconfig, prism2, ndiswrapper to show IP upon connection; updated DSLpanel, added System Stats, Date, Time, and others; updated right-click icons for super user on Emelfm, Xterm, and Beaver...."

You can use the URL below to download the torrent (you may have to login).

< http://linuxtracker.org/torrents-details.php?id=885&hit=1 >


< http://linuxtracker.org/torrents-details.php?id=885&hit=1 >

Thanks and please help seed!

Posted by l0st on Nov. 22 2005,12:22
hardee har har
i actually (indirectly) contributed to dsl
look! GTKFIND!
ha! ha!

Posted by Max on Nov. 22 2005,13:18
As this is the "official" release thread, can you please (re)post which backup files we should be concerned with 2.0 overwriting when we migrate.  Making sure my tweaks stay tweaked is always the most challenging part of the upgrade for me.

Much thanks.

Posted by George on Nov. 22 2005,13:57
I have mouse problems: in DSL 1.5 the mouse worked ok, now it works much too slow.
It's an Mitusmi PS/2 Optical Mouse, Model: ECM-S6702 , 400 DPI, 12,500 bps.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 22 2005,14:57
Some of the new files that may be overwritten by your existing backups. To be sure to have the new files do the following:

cp /etc/skel/.fluxbox/menu /home/dsl/.fluxbox/.
cp /etc/skel/.fluxbox/init /home/dsl/.fluxbox/.
cp -r /etc/skel/.xtdesktop /home/dsl/.
cp /etc/skel/.xfiletool.lst /home/dsl/.

Note this is required even if you were already running a 2.0RC
Note: this is required for going from 1.5 to 2.0
From earlier versions you will have to find my posts describing such files.

Also, if Firefox does not start then delete your old .mozilla directory.
You might want to save your bookmarks first.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 22 2005,15:03
Also note we have a vmplayer edition of DSL.
If you have the Vmware Player loaded then grab dsl-2.0-vmx.zip and unzip and go!

Posted by kleys on Nov. 22 2005,17:14
fast mirrors:

< >
< http://rapidshare.de/files/8002132/dsl-2.0.iso.html >

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 23 2005,03:16

I think that's a new record for changelog improvments.

Great job on the enhancements. Will be downloading soon.

Posted by hs7sv on Nov. 23 2005,04:04
Frappr doesn't work with Firefox on DSL-2.0
Posted by omark on Nov. 23 2005,05:29

I burnt a CD with DSL 1.5 about thirty minutes before the announcement...

Posted by John on Nov. 23 2005,06:46
Quote (hs7sv @ Nov. 22 2005,23:04)
Frappr doesn't work with Firefox on DSL-2.0

Frapper doesn't work because it relies on Google Maps which for some reason will not play nice with any recent GTK1.2 build of Firefox.  I have tried over six builds of 1.0.6 with various options and none of them will work with Google maps unless javascript is turned off.  I am still investigating, but for now we do not have compatibility.

Google maps puts our build of Firefox into some type of refresh loop. If you want to use Google's maps you could use a less wizz-bang version with javascript off.

Posted by adssse on Nov. 23 2005,14:10
2.0 is great thanks to all for their hard work.
Posted by JB4x4 on Nov. 24 2005,13:10
I may have found a small error.  Multiple boot codes seem to not work (i.e. "fb800x600 dsl 2") I checked DSL 2.0RC2 and it worked then, but doesn't seem to work in 2.0.
Posted by matrulesok on Nov. 26 2005,19:36
I hope this is the right place to post!
I have a frugal install. After upgrading from 1.5 to 2 ( i replaced boot and knoppix folders) my desktop was messed up, by copying accros the files from a cd boot to the persistent home and following the advice of a post on here about copying certain files (many thanks!), i got that sorted.
But what I really wanted to try was jwm. I copied accros the .jwmrc file, but when i select jwm from the menu, fluxbox opens up again???
I have not yet tried editing grub to include "dsl iforgotwhatgoeshere=jwm", but i would guess this wont help.

Any advice??Thanks!!

Posted by roberts on Nov. 26 2005,22:39
matrulesok, check that you have an updated .xinitrc
Copy from /etc/skel/.xinitrc to /home/dsl/.xinitrc

Posted by adssse on Nov. 27 2005,04:13
Since upgrading to dsl 2.0 I have been experiencing random lock ups on my laptop. The laptop is a IBM Thinkpad iSeries 1330 Type: 1171-330. The lock ups seem to be random and when it happens the system becomes completely unresponsive and needs to be powered down. When upgrading I copied over the KNOPPIX file, linux24 and minirt24.gz files. I than copied over the files mentioned earlier in this thread along with .xinitrc and added .jwmrc to the /home/dsl directory. I am not sure what I might have done to cause this trouble as I did not run into this trouble at all while running 1.5. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted by matrulesok on Nov. 27 2005,14:11
Quote (roberts @ Nov. 26 2005,17:39)
matrulesok, check that you have an updated .xinitrc
Copy from /etc/skel/.xinitrc to /home/dsl/.xinitrc

thanks again roberts - this worked (the desktop background didnt load, but a bit of googling solved that ;) ) - could you add this file to your original list of things to copy over - it will help any others that are as stupid as me :)


Posted by roberts on Nov. 30 2005,20:02
I did a little housecleaning and moved the rest of the files from release_candidate area into the current area.
This should avoid confusion. There is no current release_candidate. But better get it ready for one.
Also renamed modules_cut to additional_modules as this is more pc.  :D

Posted a new madfiwi.tar.gz that includes some missing binaries. HTH

Posted by WDef on Dec. 01 2005,10:32
Thanks John, Robert et al - just catching up with the new release - looking good!
Posted by mcrofutt on Dec. 29 2005,00:39
I just now d/l and burned DSL2.0 from my Kanotix box! I aim to install it on an old Toshiba Equium 7000s. My brother-in-law is a new preacher, so I thought he could use Bibletime, and learn something new at the same time. THANKS for a GOOD-LOOKING light distro!
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