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Topic: can't find KNOPPIX filesystem
started by: rickbol

Posted by rickbol on Feb. 10 2008,20:40

My hd frugal install fails to boot with the error "can't find KNOPPIX filesystem,...". I've read and tried every reported solution to this error that I could find, but so far no joy.

tried: nodma, bootfrom=, fromhd=.

dev/hda2/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX exists and "diff" shows no diference between it and ther one on the CD (which boots ok).

Interestingly, if I have "bootfrom=/dev/hda2" as a grub option and I start booting from the hd, but insert the dsl cdrom before it gets to looking for KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX it first "looks at" /dev/sda1 and spins up the CD briefly, and then successfully switches to /dev/hda2 and completes the toram boot!

/dev/hda2 is reiserfs partition with a broken SUSE install on it.

My grub entry:

title DSL fb1024x768
   root (hd0,1)
   kernel /boot/linux24 bootfrom=/dev/hda2 vga=791 nopcmcia frugal toram
   initrd /boot/minirt24.gz

How can boot find the kernel, but not the cloop KNOPPIX,  normally, yet find it after it finds the CD?



Posted by NoobieDoobieDo on Feb. 12 2008,08:21
I have a 4.2.5 HD Frugal install and get the same error.

For my frugal install the cause of the error is if it can't find /KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX.  However when it gives the error and drops me at the prompt I am able to type "exit" and the system will continue to boot normally.

Posted by curaga on Feb. 12 2008,15:55
Atleast for NDD's case, it happens with slow usb sticks not registered before the KNOPPIX probe. I didn't know regular HD's could be that slow..
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 12 2008,18:51
/dev/hda2 is reiserfs
DSL had reiserfs support? Maybe the module is loaded at a certain stage...

Posted by rickbol on Feb. 13 2008,15:53
After typing "exit" the following prints to screen and then halts (for good!):

FAT: bogus logical sector size 0
kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root on 03:02

Just earlier in the boot process I think DSL reports mounting the volume as Ext2. Maybe VFS doesn't load the reiserfs driver until this point? (That would explain the brief CD access I reported earlier).

If this is the case, any chance of loading reiserfs support earlier, or is there a boot switch I can throw?



Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 13 2008,18:59
Maybe edit the minirt?
Posted by JB4x4 on Feb. 13 2008,23:30
Not that this is of any help, but I have the same problem with the ver 4 series of DSL.  I am using an older Gateway laptop.  The newest of the ver 3 DSL's load fine (frugal install, grub boot), and after replacing with the newer files, I get the same error message (kernel panic......)
Posted by rickbol on Feb. 14 2008,17:14
I copied the 3.4.11 linux24, minirt24.gz and /KNOPPIX folder from the embedded download onto the root of /dev/hda2 and it booted the same as 4.2.5... with the same "Can't find /KNOPPIX filesystem" error.

Similarly, inserting the *4.2.5* cd after boot had started, but before "Looking for USB..." made DSL load something briefly off the CD, and then complete the 3.4.11 boot from harddrive.

minirt is binary. How does one edit that?



Posted by curaga on Feb. 14 2008,17:58
It's a gzipped ext2 file, so you edit it by gunzipping and mounting it..
Posted by roberts on Feb. 14 2008,19:39
/dev/hda2 is reiserfs partition with a broken SUSE install on it.

Reiserfs is not a supported boot partition in minirt for both 3.x and 4.x. It is supported afterwards, i.e, linuxrc and modules/ both within minirt would need to be modified as previously suggested.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 14 2008,19:40
For slow USB devices, don't forget we also have the waitusb boot option.
Posted by roberts on Feb. 14 2008,19:42
A significant difference between 3.x and 4.x has to do with SATA drive support. 3.x has no such support. 4.x has limited support only by using the sata boot option. Because sata modules had to be included in minirt some old SCSI modules were removed. If 3.x booted and 4.x does not then perhaps an older scsi module was required.
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