How to upgrade from DSL 2.3 to DSL 4

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Topic: How to upgrade from DSL 2.3 to DSL 4
started by: RicoD

Posted by RicoD on Feb. 14 2008,18:25
How can i upgrade my current dsl 2.3 hdinstall from my laptop to dsl3 or dsl4 ?
USB boot is not an option nor CDROM boot , only floppy or wireless or netcard

thx in advance

Portege 3110CT 128Mb ram 6G HD

Posted by curaga on Feb. 14 2008,18:35
Well, basically DSL hd-installs aren't upgradable. So the recommended way is to back up your personal files, and do a clean install.

Since you already have DSL on it, do you have two partitions or more? The easiest way for you would be to transfer the newest DSL iso to the comp while still running DSL, creating the new boot floppy, and moving the KNOPPIX directory from the iso to your other partition. If your other partition is swap, swapoff it first, format it to ext2 (it will be swap again after the install), then move KNOPPIX.
Then it's just a matter of booting the boot floppy with "install" as a boot code, and going by the menu. And of course after booting the new install re-swapping your swap partition.

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