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Topic: installing DSL on no CD & USB System
started by: oddish2211

Posted by oddish2211 on Mar. 10 2008,21:18
i have an Toshiba 110cs it is an very old laptop with an P1, 800MB HD,24MB Ram, a floppy drive, a etherlink III pcmcia network card and a 800x600 display

i want to run DSL on this laptop but i don't have a CD, but i do have a floppy drive and a network card so i followed this guide;
< >

but when i tried to write the image of tomsrbt to a floppy i got an error that my floppy is too small, it is only 1440KB instead of the necessary 1880KB or 2100KB.
then i found a guide to install it by writing 30 floppy's but i really don't have the time to write and extract 30 floppy's

isn't there a methode to let my laptop connect to my other pc so it can download all the necessary files from my main pc?
like a network install from Debian or Ubuntu?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 10 2008,23:40
Did you see < >

Or the (more updated) pages in the wiki < >

How did you try writing your floppy image?

Posted by oddish2211 on Mar. 11 2008,06:16
i already read this guide < >

but it doesn't work for by because i don't have 1.72MB floppies and rgrescue doesn't work either because it can't detect my pcmcia card

when i try to write the tomsrbt image for dos on my pc it gives me this error;
< >

i have vista on my main pc, and no other os is running on my laptop
i tried to write floppies with rawrite

Posted by curaga on Mar. 11 2008,13:18
1.44mb floppies can be formatted to be 1.72mb ones, just not on windoze. Boot the DSL cd on your desktop machine, and you'll find an easy floppy formatter tool in the menu.
You can also write the floppy image from DSL after formatting.

Posted by oddish2211 on Mar. 11 2008,15:57
it worked!
i wrote the floppy with tomsrbt and it booted,
but now there is another problem.

when i downloaded the with wget and try to load the script with ./, i get an error; permission denied

Posted by curaga on Mar. 11 2008,16:03
Did you make it executable? chmod a+x
Posted by oddish2211 on Mar. 12 2008,07:38
now i have another problem, when the script fetches the iso it goes wrong. after ~10 min. the installer stalls and displays an error that the current.iso is unavailable (can't find host)

i already tried changing the url in the script with another url but then the error comes within a few seconds.

i have an inet connection because i can ping and i have already downloaded the script

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 12 2008,14:32
Did you edit the file according to the instructions in that wiki link you posted?
Posted by oddish2211 on Mar. 12 2008,15:55
i didn't but i now did and i have another error.
when the script start fetching the schript stalls and gives me the error;
bad header line: 500 GET not understood


i've changed the url in the script to another website, it works now
thanks for all the help

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