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started by: pcdoctor

Posted by pcdoctor on Mar. 31 2008,09:33
Hello.  I started playing around with DSL which is very fast and installs fast on a hard drive too!
I'm using dsl 4.2.5 and jdm on pc #1
dsl 4.2.5 and flux on pc #2.

1. Can you get a graphic login instead of a tty1?

2. How do I install apps from a cd?  Whenever I try and browse to /dev/cdrom nothing happens. (What am I doing wrong?)  I want to try and install openoffice 1.1.4 on one of my dsl pcs.
I'm looking on page 53 of the DSL official book and it says on the lower right hand corner there should be a drive control application.  I don't see anything in the lower right hand corner except the time.  How do I see what drives/volumes are mounted on my pc?  Page 53 describes Docked.lua.

3. I know how to play a music cd by manually browsing but is there any way to make a music cd autoplay?

4. How do I see a list of user accounts that I've added to the system?

5. How do you stop the "getting started html" file from popping up each login?

6. How do you add shortcuts to the desktop?  I want to add the audio cd icon to the desktop.

7.  Both dsl pcs used to say "undefined mode number" and I would press 0 each bootup.  Now, only one pc does this.  I'm not sure if I changed something in the xvesa setup to fix this on one pc but how do I get the other pc to stop prompting for "undefined mode number"?

The pc that used to do this now says:
"kernal /boot/linux24 root=/dev/hda1 quiet vga=normal noacpi noapm nodma noscsi frugal"
What file do I need to modify so that I won't be promted on the other pc?
I figured out how to modify the boot options.  The faster pc is using grub while the other one is using lilo.  The 2nd pc kept giving an error when trying to install using grub.  I'll boot up the other pc and see if I can modify the bootup options.

Any help is appreciated!

Posted by Juanito on Mar. 31 2008,10:53
I don't have a classic hd installation of dsl so I canot anwer most of the questions, but:

2. The "mount" app is in dsl-3.x. In dsl-4.x right-click on any of the icons in the top right-hand corner to see the mount options.

5. I think the instructions on how to stop the dillo "pop-up" are at the end of the "getting started" instructions themselves - I guess you comment out the relevent line in .xinitrc

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 31 2008,14:18
1. A simple X login manager would be xdm (iirc it uses ~/.xsession for startup instead of .xinitrc, so beware)
2. I think you usually browse via /mnt after mounting
3. A scripted loop perhaps?
4. run `cat /etc/passwd | cut -d: -f1 `
6. You can drag and drop xmms (think its ctrl and left click) to the desktop then edit it, or manually in ~/.dfm*
7. That's due to video modes not being detected... see the vga= bootcodes or fb* bootlabels.  It could be that you changed your monitor?

Posted by roberts on Mar. 31 2008,14:59
The DSL book covers version 3.4. If you want the book to guide you then use the cdrom that came with the book. Or the latest and last published version is 3.4.11 which you can download.

DSL 4.x is quite different and was, of course,  developed after the book was published. If you use 4.x then use the forums as many forum memers can help as you have already seen.

Posted by pcdoctor on Mar. 31 2008,21:00
Thx for the replies guys!  I'll of course use the version that I have installed.  I'll still read the book for my enjoyment!
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