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Topic: Mouse cursor not dissapearing, 4.3rc1
started by: xlancealotx

Posted by xlancealotx on April 01 2008,15:12
1st... the new dsl4.3rc1 is sweet, great wallpaper also  :)

ok, as the topic states, I use a gflashplayer app and don't want the cursor. I have done this on the old 4.3 with no problems, and I even have a copy of 4.3rc1 running in a vmware session and it works on that.  
But I have a hd install on a standalone, and it won't dissapear even though it's the exact same install as the vmware one.

I have a 1px blank cursor under /usr/share/icons/blank/cursors with an index.theme in the parent folder.  Under the /usr/dsl/Xdefaults I have as the last line;
Xcursor.theme: blank

The vmware hd install works perfect, I don't see anything, yet the local hd install on another box still shows the left pointer.  Any thoughts?

Also since were on the rc1, love the new dsl panel with text serch, but how do you load a local custom DSL?  The old versions you simply clicked load local?

Thanks and again, great job on that version guys ....


Posted by mikshaw on April 01 2008,16:01
It sounds like they may not actually be the "exact same install", but I'm just guessing.  it only takes a minor difference in a configuration file to change that sort of behavior.

how do you load a local custom DSL?  The old versions you simply clicked load local?
The next DSL will have it.  The current version of the script was just posted in the programming forum.

Posted by xlancealotx on April 01 2008,16:26
Thanks, but this was a boot off USB device to live.  Right click, install to hard drive.

Reboot, untar my cursors tar file (which unzipps to that folder), then I just update the .Xdefaults and I am done, so the chances of a difference is slim, very slim.

But for now, if there is another way, which I am unaware of, send it on over.  I even copied the xdefaults file, but there really is nothing else as far as I can see.


Posted by mikshaw on April 01 2008,16:47
you could try the program "unclutter", which automatically hides the cursor after a specified period of inactivity
Posted by xlancealotx on April 01 2008,17:41
Did look at that app with and old post you reco'd that as well (for a laptop picture frame).  I downoaded the dsl from that forum post, but from the 1st post saw I couldn't install a local dsl.

So I found the programming forum, that thread and downloaded the one you did today.  Made it executable, ran and got;
root@box:/home/dsl# ./
/bin/murgaLua: ./ unfinished string near '"
Please '

Not sure on that.  Back to the Xcursor, did a diff on the vminstall and the other and they are identical.  I don't know what else to try to debug that, what about the actual icon?  Can I find the pointer, replace with a 1px image and use that? If so, where is it?

The unclutter didn't work once, but I will re-look also, but this app will run all day, so not sure on that timeout thing about hiding for x, but will try that as well as continue to find out why the other won't hide.

Posted by mikshaw on April 01 2008,18:44
Sounds like you pasted the script without checking to make sure none of the lines in the browser were wrapped to the next line (there are a few long lines in that script that I should break up). This would result in the long line being pasted as two lines, and the script would fail.  In order to properly copy from the browser, scale the browser window up until none of the lines wrap, or temprarily decrease the font size before copying (Ctrl+minus in firefox) if the lines still wrap.

Also, this is a lua script, so the filename extension shouldn't be "sh". This isn't vital, but it may avoid confusion.

Posted by xlancealotx on April 01 2008,19:13
damn, when it rains it pours, but you were right on the 1st.  So great addition, that worked, I was able to load the unclutter app but this is the issue (now I remember).

It doesn't work with the gfashplayer.   Basically gflash sees it as an event and removes the full screen.  When I start the app;
gflashplayer /main.swf, it loads and makes it full screen, when you hit <esc>, it goes to a windowed app.  Now if I run unclutter in the background, start gflash, it goes right into window mode.  I tried all the var's, -noevents, etc. and naturally -not gflash keeps it full screen but unclutter doesn't start.

My only other thought might be to try like a firefox in kiosk mode, problem was the additional memory it took.

Posted by xlancealotx on April 03 2008,14:56

using unclutter (thanks mik) with a variety of command line tweaks finally got it.  so it starts the perl apps, unclutter, then finally glflash full screen, then after 5 seconds the mouse is gone!

Thanks... one new post coming up and that should take care of this project.

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