Boot from 4.2.5 from .iso-File using GRUB

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Topic: Boot from 4.2.5 from .iso-File using GRUB
started by: bbruecker

Posted by bbruecker on April 10 2008,19:25

is it possible to boot DSL 4.2.5 from ISO-File? I want to perform a hd-install after booting. But I've no chance plug in a CD-ROM or USB to the computer.

On the notebook is DSL 4.1 currently installed. I've loaded the 4.2.5.iso and copied "KNOPPIX", "linux24", and "minirt24.gz" to this folder "/boot/dsl245".

This is the entry in the menu.lst:
Code Sample
#DSL4_2_5 install
title DSL4_2_5 install
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/dsl425/linux24 quiet vga=788
initrd /boot/dsl425/minirt24.gz

"vga=788" is taken from the line DSL 4.1 is booting from.

The DSL splash screen occurs but the boot process stops with a failure: "can't find KNOPPIX filesystem".

What's wrong?

Thx for any assistance.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 10 2008,21:03
Take your pick:
- the KNOPPIX file is only autosearched from /KNOPPIX so if you copy/move it to /KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX it should be found
- use the knoppix_dir= cheatcode to specify where KNOPPIX resides (in this case it's probably /boot/dsl425/KNOPPIX )
- booting directly from an ISO file is probably more complicated, but instead of fiddling around with the KNOPPIX file, you could use the bootfrom= cheatcode to look at an ISO

Posted by bbruecker on April 10 2008,21:51
I've moved KNOPPIX to the /KNOPPIX and it worked. Easy.

Thx, Benjamin

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