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started by: tjwoosta

Posted by tjwoosta on April 10 2008,20:07
Ive recently posted this question on because of difficulties i was having getting registered for this forum, but noone over there seemed to be able to help me

ive just got a copy of damnsmalllinux 4.2.5 (think its the latest release)

im trying to do a harddrive install from this link
< >
(the only reason im even trying to use DSL is because the computer only has 30 mb ram and a 400 mhz processor)

ive followed theese directions

How to install:
1. Create a app. 250-300MB Linux partition with cfdisk or fdisk (e.g. /dev/hda1, /dev/sda2)
2. Boot into DSL by using you CD and enter the terminal.
3. Execute "dsl-hdinstall" by typing "sudo -u root dsl-hdinstall" (without the quotes)
and enter the just created partition (e.g. /dev/hda1, /dev/sda2)
This will make a ext2 file system and copies the CD contents to it.
A couple of specific changes are made after that (see end of script)
4. Execute "mkliloboot" by typing "sudo -u root mkliloboot" (without the quotes)
Enter the partition that your install is on. This will create an "initrd" with the needed modules and will setup "LILO".

The problem is when i get to #4
Code Sample
sudo -u root mkliloboot

i get this error message
Code Sample
sudo: mkliloboot: command not found

however when cd to /sbin and ls -a i do see lilo and lilo.real but no mkliloboot

ive tried lilo  but it says i need to edit /etc/lilo.conf , so i tried to edit the file but it says
Code Sample
error writing /etc/lilo.conf:Read-only file system

when i try to save
(also i did use root it just didnt seem to make a difference)

ive also gone to this link
< >
i used this link to make the swap partition

Please if anyone can help me at all any imput would be greatly appreciated. Ive been trying to post on the DSL board for like over two weeks now and finally got on.
Also given that i only have 30 mb ram and 400mhz processor should i go ahead with the harddrive install or try the frugal or would i be best off to just keep booting from the cd( ive read that the hard drive install leads to some problems with the mydsl packages, but after reading the fix it seems like it wouldnt be much of a problem)

Posted by lucky13 on April 10 2008,21:07
Start the live CD. Create the partitions you want, including a swap. Turn on the swap (sudo swapon /dev/hdaX where X is the partition number for it). Go to applications-tools in the menu. Choose the script for the installation you want. It will prompt you for installing a bootloader (GRUB, LILO). Select yes. If you do a hard drive install, the only other reconfiguration you should need to do is edit /boot/grub/menu.lst for your needs because it comes with defaults (including frugal cheatcode, which won't hurt anything even if you leave it there).
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 10 2008,21:23
Afaik that first link is very, very outdated... where did you find it?

Side note: that 2nd link is invalid

Posted by tjwoosta on April 12 2008,07:22
thanks for the response, i wont actually get a chance to try it untill tomorros but it sounds promising

Afaik that first link is very, very outdated... where did you find it?

i was searching google for dsl harddrive install, thats what came up

well i just did what you said to do and everything seemes to work great thanks alot guys!

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