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started by: Uta

Posted by Uta on April 14 2008,19:57
I have a HD install of Dsl4.3 running inside Qemu. All I did was make the desktop background a solid color and now the stats that are usually running in the upper right hand corner are gone. How do I get a solid background color and my stats? Thanks in advance.
Posted by lucky13 on April 14 2008,21:06
In terminal...

solid color -
Code Sample
xsri --color=colorname

(x11 colornames: < >
more xsri settings: < >

torsmo -
Code Sample
torsmo & exit

Posted by Uta on April 14 2008,21:43
Thank you for the reply, yes that put things right but on reboot, torsmo is gone again? This is a HD install. What file is the call for torsmo to start in so I can add it.
Thank you.
BTW your customizing of DSL is stunning--

Posted by lucky13 on April 14 2008,22:18
You'd normally start torsmo in .xinitrc. Check to make sure you have a line for it that's not commented out with # (and make sure you have an ampersand -- & -- at the end of the line). Like this:
torsmo &

Thanks for the compliment.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 14 2008,22:28
I find that qemu usually has problems with things during X startup... I think that placing a sleep statement (or increase it if it's already there) usually helps.
Posted by Uta on April 15 2008,00:34
Thanks for the reply. I kept losing torsmo on reboot even though it is in .xinitrc file... so I added it to my /opt/.filetool.lst  /usr/local/bin/torsmo

and so It's appeared with each boot!

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 15 2008,00:47
I don't think that's the ideal solution, but if you're happy with it, well.. :)
Posted by Uta on April 15 2008,01:08
could you walk me through a better solution?

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