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started by: Grogley

Posted by Grogley on May 21 2008,23:29
Okay, so I am suffering some brain damage. I am posting here because I have a HD installation that seems to be working okay now. However, I cannot seem to get BOINC installed and working properly.

What I have done is this:

Download the application from BOINC,
Make executable this shell application.
Run the shell program and all directories seem to be created and programs are executable.

The installation shell ends by telling me that I need to run
/home/dsl/BOINC/run_manager to start BOINC.

I execute this command but it terminates with the complaint that there is an error loading libraries: cannot open shared object file, no such file or directory.

So this sounds like something is missing. Anybody know what that might be? Thanks in advance


Posted by Jason W on May 21 2008,23:50
It is missing gtk2.  If you are using the latest version of BOINC, it will also miss some X libraries and libstdc++6, the latter which would be most problematic.  Version 5.8.16 works, or at least pulls up, with gtk2 loaded.

Posted by Grogley on May 22 2008,00:07
Thanks Jason,

Where can I get this version? The BOINC page has me download v5.10.45? I poked around a bit but couldn't find an archive with this load.

Thanks again,

Posted by Jason W on May 22 2008,00:15
Here is the link:

< >

Oh, I am using gtk+-2.12.9.uci, but it may work with the other gtk2 extensions.  Also you need xorg72.uci loaded.  You do not have to set Xorg up, just need the extension loaded.  It would not work with XFree86 extensions due to I think libXinerama.  In a hard drive install, you may want to use DSL in live mode and copy the contents of the .ucis after loading them to your hard drive to make use of them.  Of course there is also the BOINC versions that are not graphical and would avoid all of that.  I have not tried them though.

EDIT:  Of course after copying the contents of the loaded uci's from the live cd to your hard drive you would have to add the library entries into /etc/ and run ldconfig, but I am sure you already know that.

Posted by Grogley on May 22 2008,00:45
No, make no assumptions about what I know. I am new to most all of this. Installation of packages is a complete mystery to me.

I did manage to find the 5.8.16 build after I posted, D'oh! (should have looked longer)

I downloaded the packages you mention from MyDSL and now I am unsure what to do. I assume that the MyDSL apps load properly and they are configered but I am sure that is not the case. BOINC still won't run and it exhibits the same error message as before.

Do I need to reboot the system for these libraries to be visible to the application?  

So lost! Thanks again.

Posted by Jason W on May 22 2008,01:08
Rebooting is not necessary.  If you have the ucis loaded on your live cd, they are located in /opt.  If you have your HD install on /dev/hda2, then copy the contents of the ucis to /opt in your HD install.  Like this:

cp -Rp /opt/gtk+-2.12.9 /mnt/hda2/opt/
cp -Rp /opt/gtk+-2.12.9-conf /mnt/hda2/opt/
cp -Rp /opt/xorg72 /mnt/hda2/opt/

Or just use emelfm.  Then have this in your /etc/ file in addition to what is already there:


Be sure /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib is on the first line, or at least above the /usr/lib line.  The xorg lines are what the uci adds.  Then run ldconfig.  This _should_ work.

Posted by Jason W on May 22 2008,14:25
I ran across a pretty well written how to for BOINC on DSL:

< >

It recommends an older version of BOINC, and does not use gtk2.  The newer BOINC version I mentioned should be fine if gtk2 and xorg is installed.  I got errors running BOINC programs, probably since I did not have gnu-utils loaded.  I will try again with gnu-utils loaded and I have a hunch it will be ok.  Let us know if you need any further help.

Note: This thread may be a little off topic for HD Install; might could be moved to Apps or Other Help Topics.

EDIT:  The BOINC version I said that works with DSL will not work. It is encountering critical errors.  I am trying other versions, and am also going to build it from source and see how that goes.

Posted by Jason W on June 04 2008,01:55
Well, all those critical errors are gone since I installed the libc6 package from Sarge as mentioned in the Flash 9 post in Ideas and Suggestions.  I have been running a project for 30 minutes and there has not been even the first error.  All other factors, gtk2, xorg, BOINC 5.8.16 and such, are the same as the above mentioned configuration.
Posted by meo on June 04 2008,17:17
Hi Grogley and Jason!

BOINC sounds like a nice project. Would there be any problems installing it on my DSL setup (an SDHC card inside a micromate connected to an usb port)? If there would be any differences would you please mention it to me. I'm running DSL-embedded with the boot code: "dsl fromhd=/dev/sda1 frugal".

Have fun and I hope everything will work out allright for you,

Posted by Jason W on June 04 2008,18:17
I am not familiar with your particular set up, but BOINC just runs inside one directory.  So it should be able to be used in most any DSL configuration I would think.  You may also need one of the gcc/compile extensions loaded, as well as gnu-utils.
Posted by meo on June 04 2008,18:34
Hi again Jason!

It might sound like a strange setup but it works just like an usb stick. Thanks for your answer. I'll try it out and se what happends.

Have fun with DSL anyway you use it,

Posted by meo on June 04 2008,18:58

I tried to load all the things you mentioned but when I try to run the shellscript I get this error: "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". What can be wrong? Grateful for any help in this matter.

Have fun using DSL,

Posted by meo on June 04 2008,19:37
Hi it's me again!

Good news, I rebooted and tried again and there it was up and running. Thanks a lot Jason for your help in this thread. I hope there will be more DSL "boincers" in the future.

Have fun and keep up helping us out in this community,

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