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Topic: Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry
started by: pcdoctor

Posted by pcdoctor on Aug. 26 2008,17:21
***Resolved*** I'm able to boot damn small on a Dell optiplex 745 now!
I'm trying to boot a 3.4.12 or a 4.4.4 boot cd using a Dell optiplex 745.  
I get "Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry." using 3.4.12 and 4.4.4.
I've tried the following:

dsl sata
dsl noscsi
I know the cd and image are boot good because it's working on an old pc.

I've even tried:
dsl vga=normal noscsi sata acpi=off
dsl nodma

If this helps, I get two penguins at the top of my screen after the "Welcome To DSL".  I'm using a CDRW to boot the image.  I've heard some people say try a CDR instead of a CDRW.

Once I get to the knoppix# prompt, I can't use my keyboard and I have to do a hard reset.
Anyone with a similar Dell desktop?

Here are the specs for this Dell
Intel Pentium D 2.80ghz
Intel Q965/Q963 express onboard video card
Broadcom netextreme 57xx gigabit onboard ethernet
Soundmax HD onboard hd audio card
WD SATA hard drive
HL data storage SATA cdrw/dvd rom drive
This motherboard doesn't have any ide ports only sata.

I found this info by googling here:
< >

"Q: I get the error "Can't find Knoppix filesystem." then it drops me to a "limited shell". What the hell?

A: This means you are not using a SCSI or IDE CDROM drive. After Syslinux starts up the first thing Knoppix wants to do is find and uncompress the filesystem (that big KNOPPIX file on the CD). Knoppix only probes for the CD on all SCSI and IDE buses. If it can't find it you'll get the error above."

I'll update my bios and see if their is an option for ide emulation.
Ok, I updated my bios and changed setup to legacy mode for the sata drives.
***Resolved*** I'm able to boot damn small on a Dell optiplex 745 now!

Posted by roberts on Aug. 26 2008,18:03
I would suggest to try the initrd version that way you avoid "Searching for KNOPPIX" completely. That version is available for both 3.x and 4.x
Posted by pcdoctor on Aug. 26 2008,20:55
Thx as always!
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