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Topic: can't locate module block major 8
started by: pcdoctor

Posted by pcdoctor on Sep. 04 2008,10:51
When booting the 4.4.5 cd I'm able to access my 2gb Kingston flash drive.  After inserting the flash drive, the drive lights up for access.
I looked at the fstab file and copied the info for sda1.
When installing 4.4.5 to the hard drive I can't access my flash drive.
I looked at the fstab file and modified it for sda1.
Here is the line that I added to fstab (this is also the same info that was in the boot cd version)
/dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1 vfat noauto,users,exec,umask=000,uid=1001,gid=50 0 0

When saving the fstab file and rebooting, I get:
"modprobe: can't locate module block-major-8"
I assume major 8 is referring to the flash drive.
I do a dmesg and it doesn't really have any info about sdaX.

Any ideas why I can't access my flash drive after installing 4.4.5 to the hard drive?

Posted by curaga on Sep. 04 2008,13:21
Please give output of "lsmod" both from a live cd boot and your Hd install.
Posted by pcdoctor on Sep. 05 2008,01:03
This is a laptop without a scroll so I don't know how to copy and paste the info.  I'll get back with you guys later.  thx
Posted by chaostic on Sep. 05 2008,03:56
"lsmod > lsmod.txt"

This will output the output of lsmod into a file called lsmod.txt that should end up in your current working directory, most likely /home/dsl/.

You can then use cat or beaver or whatever to read it.

"lsmod | more"

This "pipe"s the output from lsmod to the more command, which will display one screenful of output, then wait for you to press the down arrow to go down one line, or press space to scroll down one more screenful of output.

Posted by pcdoctor on Sep. 05 2008,10:46
Darn it, I used lsmod > test.txt and I didn't see anything.  Chaostic, I did this before your post.  Of course after your post, I'm able to see the output file.  I'm back on 3.4.12 again.  I can't help it.  I think 3.x is better eye candy than 4.x.  I'm going to have to download the Broadcom 57xx nic drivers from another pc so that I can email you the output file since 3.x doesn't automatically install my nic drivers.
I'm female by the way.  Maybe that's why I prefer the 3.x interface.  I'm sure I'm not the only one though.

On another note, will 3.x be upgraded to the 2.4.31 kernel?  I really, really, really like the 3.x sharp icons and the mount tool.
I downloaded 2.4.31 kernel and did a ./configure but I think I got an error when using the make command.
Can I upgrade 3.x to the 2.4.31 kernel ?
If so, can you pretty please give me the steps to do that?

Posted by curaga on Sep. 05 2008,14:02
If you have done a remaster before, replacing the kernel with the one in 4.x is about medium difficulty. Consisting only of replacing linux24 in the iso, modules in the cloop, and modules in minirt24.gz..
Posted by pcdoctor on Sep. 06 2008,17:54
I ended up putting kubuntu 8.04.1 on this Dell laptop.  If I get an old pc that can't handle xfce, I'll put DSL on it.  Thx for the response curaga.
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