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started by: tikbalang

Posted by tikbalang on Oct. 12 2008,12:16
i manually made a frugal install on a fat32 partition but it stops at:

ACPI: IRQ10 SCI: Level Trigger

the bootdisk is a simple "SYS A:"

linld image=\boot\isolinux\linux24 initrd=\boot\isolinux\minirt24.gz "cl=ramdisk_size=100000 fromhd=/dev/hda7 lang=us frugal norestore dma"

i would prefer to boot from my bootdisk rather than the provided floppy images because i'll be using dsl, dos, and win98se in a multimenu config system.

Posted by tikbalang on Oct. 13 2008,05:37
solved with "acpi=off" cheatcode.
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