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started by: Harryc

Posted by Harryc on Oct. 13 2008,02:50
I unstalled DSL 4.4.6 on a hard drive on a Thinkpad 770Z. I am using ndiswrapper to configure a WG511v2 WiFi card. That configuration works fine, but is not persistent on reboot. How do I make it so? Secondly, sound does not work; lspci says it has a Cirrus Logic CS 4610/11 chipset. Any ideas? Thank-you!
Posted by roberts on Oct. 13 2008,16:05
If you used the ndiswrapper GUI then you have a script in your home dir called with your setting. If running dfm you also have  an icon that you can double click on. If you wish to have it run at boot add the script to /opt/
Posted by Harryc on Oct. 13 2008,18:18
roberts, awesome advice for ndiswrapper. It worked perfectly!.

If anyone has a tip to get sound working on an older Thinkpad with a Crystal SoundFusion 4239 chipset I'd appreciate it. I 'think' the correct alsa module is snd-cs4236, but I am not sure. lsmod shows nothing loaded for sound. So, I'd assume the first order of business is to load the right module with the correct parameters (.e.g DMA, IRQ, etc. )

Posted by Harryc on Oct. 13 2008,19:28
Found the fix on a Puppy forum :). OSS sounds works. Haven't messed around with Alsa yet.
< >

modprobe sound
insmod ad1848
insmod uart401
insmod cs4232 io=0x530 irq=5 dma=1 dma2=0

4. If you do a hard disk install, you can put those 4 commands into the file

or in the case of DSL, put them in /opt/ ??

Posted by curaga on Oct. 14 2008,10:16
Yes :)
You might also want to add "nosound" to your boot arguments, to save the sound auto-probe time.

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