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started by: tikbalang

Posted by tikbalang on Oct. 13 2008,07:09
even though i boot fromhd=hda7, hda7 is not actually mounted even after getting into dsl? is this normal?

because of this, the following also fails:


can it be a subdir inside /hda7/knoppix/ like so:


- so there is less clutter?

Posted by tikbalang on Oct. 13 2008,09:52
i meant: fromhd=/dev/hda7

it boots ok but when i browse the hd i have to mount it first.

if i run mydsl browser to update, i get this error:

Code Sample

wget: mydslinfo.bz2: Permission denied

database check failed. this may be the result of incomplete download or gramlins in your internets.

Posted by WDef on Oct. 13 2008,10:45
Not mounting hda7 on boot: that is expected behavior.

As i recall, the "fromhd" bootcode is not for booting up with persistent state.

You need to search the forum/wiki for how to set up persistent home and opt directories.

Ditto for mydsl.

Not sure what's going on with your MyDSL browser.

Posted by tikbalang on Oct. 13 2008,11:21
doesn't "frugal" require "fromhd=*"?
Posted by tikbalang on Oct. 13 2008,13:24
Quote (tikbalang @ Oct. 13 2008,19:21)
doesn't "frugal" require "fromhd=*"?

no, "frugal" does not need "fromhd=*".

i've been to the wiki and searched past messages in this forum. basically, copy


to /hd??/* and use "opt=*" and "home=*" cheatcodes.

fail. dsl is booting from hda7, and then mounts as rw /dev/hda7 in /cdrom <- is this what's causing the problem?

i have removed the persistence cheatcodes for now but stil, mydsl cannot update its database.

Posted by Juanito on Oct. 13 2008,14:44
If you create a folder /mnt/hda7/mydsl you will not need a boot code, dsl should find the folder on its own
Posted by tikbalang on Oct. 13 2008,15:15
folder exists, but not created by me, with one file "MyDSL" (26 bytes). i'll try to manually create.

just to recap, i boot dsl from dos using this is my .cl file (cheatcodes):

dsl mydsl=hda7

N.B.: "dsl mydsl=hda7" - because i read somewhere that this fails if "dsl" is missing before "mydsl".

rebooting back to dsl now.

Posted by tikbalang on Oct. 13 2008,15:37
still fail, with and without the leading "dsl".
Posted by roberts on Oct. 13 2008,16:01
You don't need that extra dsl you do need to have the correct permission on the mydsl folder. It should be dsl.staff
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Oct. 13 2008,18:21
My guess is that there could be problems due to the filesystem (i.e. fat*) not supporting *nix type permissions.
Posted by tikbalang on Oct. 14 2008,03:35
could it be because /dev/hda7 is mounted in /cdrom (although rw enabled)?

there is an error after color starts but before startx:

"chown could not find /mnt/hda7/home in */fstab or */mtab"

it scrolled too fast and not in dmesg.

restore=hda7 is working now. cannot use subfolders for this.

mydsl is also working but not in persistent mode. it really could have been the gremlins.

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