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started by: seuchato

Posted by seuchato on Nov. 09 2008,20:39
Hi all
Wanted to update my tp240 to dsl 4.4.8, as it was running smoothly on 3.3. I do not have a floppy anymore, bootfrom usb = nogo and no internal CD-rom.
so hd out of tp240, in an other box, boot live cd and selecht hd install, multiuser, grub. upon reboot, I get a number of these errors:
pcilib: Cannot open /proc/bus/pci/00/07.0
lspci: Unable to read the standard configuration space header of devices 0000:00:07.0

subsequently, I cannot setup X with, if I nevertheless startx I get a garbled screen.
How can I over come this?
greets chris

Posted by roberts on Nov. 10 2008,04:53
I have run many versions of DSL 4.x on a tp240.
But never tried a traditional hard install using grub hosted on another machine. I have always used a boot floppy and usb pendrive.

Was the tp240 disk drive the only hard disk in the host machine?
If not your grub menu.lst may have an incorrect disk entry.

Posted by seuchato on Nov. 10 2008,04:55
Yes it was the only HD (Ialways try to have things as close to targed box s possible).


Did the trick. silly me rtff (read the f* forum) :-)

By the way: this laptop (IBM ModelNo. 2609-21 requires fbdev to run X properly.

greets chris

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