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Topic: Frugal install to 32mb CF?
started by: tsservo

Posted by tsservo on Jan. 31 2009,03:29
I'm attempting to build a digital photo frame from an old Dell Inspiron 8000.  The major hiccup so far was having to disable PCMCIA detection on boot (if freezes otherwise).  

But I'd like to ultimately get rid of the HDD from the frame build.  I've purchased a 2.5" laptop to CF adapter to install to a CF card.  However, the CF card I've got lying around is a 32mb - I'd need to buy a new card if I need to go larger.  I'd like to not use anything much larger than a 64 or 128 as it's effectively wasted space (network xfer or USB thumb drive for the photos).

So here's my question...

Using the LiveCD as a base, is there any way to strip out enough components (word processor, spreadsheet, games, perhaps even the GUI) to make DSL fit on the 32mb CF via frugal install?

Thanks for the help.


Posted by Tobiaus on Feb. 03 2009,17:04
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Posted by tsservo on Feb. 04 2009,09:38
Sounds like it might be less time and effort to see if someone's got some older media lying around that they haven't sold yet that they'll part with cheap.

The machine unfortunately doesn't support booting from USB, and I have to give DSL the -nopcmcia switch so it doesn't freeze on boot.  I want to use the smaller media and adapter so that I don't have to keep unplugging and plugging in the adapter - receipe for broken pins there in the long term...

Thanks for the help

Posted by Tobiaus on Feb. 05 2009,02:35
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Posted by tsservo on Feb. 05 2009,07:44
Excellent.  Thanks for the help.  I'll check out the mkmydsl option.

Hopefully I'll be able to pop back in here at some point with a successful status update...

Posted by Tobiaus on Feb. 05 2009,21:05
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