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Topic: Problem with floppy device and dsl os
started by: claracc

Posted by claracc on Jan. 31 2009,09:01
Hi, i have installed in an old pentim 133 MHz, 1 GB HD and 16 Mb RAM bootable from diskette or C:\  the dsl 4.4.10 distro. I have done 3 partitions, hd1 for the os image (200 Mb), hd2 (256 Mb) for swap and  hd3, the space left for the user files. This machine has a 4X cdrom (MITSUMI) from which i have installed dsl, indicating through the diskette (sbootmgr.dsk), the boot from cdrom. The installation is OK, now i see the new desktop with its icons ( I like more than win98), access to cdrom, i can listen to audio cds and so on. But one thing does not worK is everything related to floppy disk (mount floppy, format floppy, copy image..).
When the machine boots, it recognizes /dev/fd0 as  floppy but it says is read only device, when i try to mount the floppy (from the desktop application or command console) it says there are too much mounting points or bad option or unsuitable fs (DSL has configured the mounting options in fstab and they work good for cdrom but not for floppy). I have look for a solution in google but i cannot find solutions. Previously to DSL i installed deli-linux and the floppy disk and cdrom worked perfectly well. Bios recognizes  too the floppy since  I boot from it in order to install dsl, but dsl ignores it, unless it recognizes , it says is read-only and does not allow to access it.  This machine, from 1996, does not have ethernet card, and its only way of communication is floppy disk or cd rom. To end, i don┤t understand  why i couldn┤t  post in this forum (┐┐??) for more than one month, i almost have forgotten the problem and the idea of using dsl in my old computer, when i received the mail saying i could post.  If someone could help me i would be very grateful.
Regards, Clara

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