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started by: coco

Posted by coco on Feb. 01 2009,02:29
When LILO boot ends, i get this message:

"Map file write: BIOS error code = 0x99

Map file write: BIOS error code = 0x99"

and after this message DSL boot continues without any problem. My lilo.conf is:

append="dma apm=power-on quiet lang=es"

hda is 2114MB (4128768 sectors) CHS =1024/64/63
/DEV/HDA1 1877MB (1.8G) (output from command "df -h")

output from command "lilo -T bios" is:
BIOS provided boot device is 0x66 (DX=0xAD66)
Unless overridden, 'bios-passess-dl =no' will be assumed

output from command "lilo - T geom" is:
BIOS reports 1 hard drive
bios=0x80, cylinders=1023, heads=64, sector=63 vol-ID:3DB012B3
(2.11 gB 4,124,736 SECTORS) C:H:S supported (IBM PC bios)

it seems that hda size reported from DSL is different from BIOS.

I would appreciae any guidance and advise to get this message out.

note: cfdisk out is:

hda1 boot primary linux ext2 1952.91MB
hda2        primary linux swap 161.03


note2: my laptop is ibm560e

Posted by WDef on Feb. 01 2009,10:58
it seems that hda size reported from DSL is different from BIOS.

I think that is also what the lilo error message is telling you:

< >
0x99: Invalid Second Stage
   Mismatch between drive and BIOS geometry, or a bad map file. Some evidence that LINEAR needs to be set on the disk (see LiloNotes)

1. Maybe try specifying the option:


in lilo.conf

2. Maybe try uninstalling lilo and reinstalling.

3. Maybe try flashing your BIOS.

4. Try enabling LBA in the BIOS.

If you can do 4 try that first. Don't know much at all about this though.

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