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started by: timolthy

Posted by timolthy on Feb. 16 2009,23:39

I downloaded the VMware player and  Bootup in Vmware was great and fast, no issues.

I have been spending many hours try figure out and have no lucks.  I would very appreciate that anyone can help on how to - I am very newbie.

I would like to create the folder (directory) //shared in DSL.  then trying to map/mount the resources from WinXP' shared folder

sudo su

mount -t smbfs -o username=hello password=okokok //winXP-IP_10.1.1.10/shared/  mnt //mydsl/shared
- It does not work this command -


setup the backup the config and all new installed Apps to save in /mydsl/shared.  so info / data still remained after reboot.

thanks in Advanced.

Posted by chaostic on Feb. 17 2009,03:37
Did you get the samba.dsl extension? Loading windows shares needs that.
Posted by timolthy on Feb. 17 2009,18:57
Thanks Chaostics!

I see and can access to Windows's shared drive/Directory via samba.   How do I make it permanent, as each time I boot up the DSL, it will mount automatically.  

- It's most critical is HOW do I config / setup for permanent (as well) that DSL will save the config and all Apps that I installed to shared/mounted folder, so I don't have to reinstall every time I use DSL. This would save me lotsss of hourss.

I have went thru the FAQ, Wiki pages, Getting Starts, etc... but could not get it work.  Which I have to ask people for help.


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