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Topic: DSL install on SATA HDD
started by: sieger_007

Posted by sieger_007 on Mar. 18 2009,14:44
Hi Folks
I am just frustrated getting this XP/Vista to be more efficient on my C2D  PC.I had always endeavored to get my DSL running on a seperate partition. The problem is when I boot off the live CD and use the right click option it will not see the linux ext2 partition I created. I assume one reason could be the fact that this is a SATA HDD. How do I get to install DSL on a SATA Internal HDD.
Also where can I install Linux Drivers for the following
-- LAN : L1 Atheros Card
-- WLAN : InterWLAN 4695 Driver
-- AUDIO : Realtek Audio Driver
-- Bluetooth : Toshiba Bluetooth Stack
where can I can download and install these for linux and if its not poss which Linux flavor will give max h/w support.
Many Thanks

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