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Topic: Spca5xx
started by: anam

Posted by anam on Jan. 03 2007,12:09
I know this crops up from time to time, but I now have a dsl compatible spca5xx.o

I'm hoping over the next couple of days to turn it into a dsl that will automatically load it (and usbvideo.o) into the kernel.

For now however you can grab the module from < Here >

to use it
sudo modprobe usbvideo
sudo insmod spca5xx.o

then use your usb camera alongside xawtv quite happily

Posted by anam on Jan. 12 2007,12:07
Dsl is now available

< Here it is >

Enjoy it

Posted by newOldUser on June 16 2007,16:32
Thanks Anam,

I got the spca5xx.o working with your instructions and now an old Intel CS330 webcam is up and running for a friend. He combined it with some motion detection software and uses it for a birdfeeder cam...  "To each, their own"

I wasn't able to get the dot DSL version working but that may have been a fault on my side. Got the message "tar: Invalid gzip magic".

Posted by Juanito on June 17 2007,04:51
It would be good to email this to extensions@damnsmalllinux.org so that it can be added to the modules section of the repository
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