How to load trident.o for sound ?

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Topic: How to load trident.o for sound ?
started by: manishsadh

Posted by manishsadh on Feb. 09 2007,05:48
Hi Guys,

i need to load trident.o to get sound working.
but when i give the command

modprobe trident.o

i get the message "modprobe: cant locate module"
then i gave the whole path under /lib i still got the same error.

when i searched the web some body suggested that i should have the following entry in modules.conf

alias trident.o off

i tried it but this file just doesnt save. it is read only.

please help out.

thank you.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 09 2007,05:57
Code Sample
insmod /direct/path/to/module.o

Code Sample
modprobe trident
This will work if its 'registered' in by depmod in /lib/modules i think.

Posted by manishsadh on Feb. 09 2007,07:25
Hi ^thehatsrule^,

i did insmod trident.o

i got a bunch of unresolved symbols.
then i ran insmod on ac97.o, ac97_code.o,
sound.o and soundcore.o. that solved a lot of them.

finally i ended up with only 2 unresolved symbols
pcigame_detach and pcigame_attach

which module is this dependent on ?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 09 2007,14:36
I think it has to do with the midi/joystick part... "gameport"

The advantage of using depmod+modprobe is that it takes care of all the dependencies for you.

Posted by manishsadh on Feb. 10 2007,09:13
Hi ^thehatsrule^,

thanks for your help. but i need more like step wise instructions. any command to know what are the dependencies for a given module example trident.o
then load them one by one.

i am using a sis7019 audio device. the computer is a diskless pc manufactured by < norhtec systems >. the manufacturer told me that "trident.o" is meant for this pc on kernel 2.4.x and should work out of the box.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 13 2007,03:36
There are some gamport modules listed under /lib/modules/... somewhere i think.

If you want to auto gen the dependencies and use modprobe, copy the trident file to somewhere in /lib/modules/... and use depmod, then run modprobe.

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