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started by: sixdiamants

Posted by sixdiamants on Mar. 18 2007,22:36
there appear to be no working plugins for mplayer of xmms to listen to the Real audio format used extensively on The only option seems to be installation of Realplayer.
Anyone begs to differ ?

Posted by ron on Mar. 19 2007,00:45
Is there a Linux version for Real Alternative? If not then it looks like your only option is this open source realaudio player:

< >

Posted by humpty on Mar. 20 2007,05:52
maybe VLC < >
Posted by MakodFilu on Mar. 20 2007,13:31
Mplayer-nogui is able to play RealMedia Cook audio. Don't know  if that helps, thought.
Posted by ron on Mar. 20 2007,15:28
Quote (humpty @ Mar. 20 2007,00:52)
maybe VLC < >

It doesn't play Realaudio.

The answer is the Helix project OK?   :angry:

Posted by jls legalize on Mar. 25 2007,06:46
there is realplayer in the uci area of the dsl repository.

legalize cannabis, etc.

Posted by sixdiamants on Sep. 30 2007,20:44
mplayer with the appropriate codecs (ffcook) actually does do the job for me after all !
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