How do I play Youtube videos?

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Topic: How do I play Youtube videos?
started by: jhsu

Posted by jhsu on June 19 2007,05:17
What MyDSL extension do I need to download and install?  Or is there something else I'm supposed to do instead?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on June 19 2007,07:07
use a forum search?
well... here's some hints: gtk2, gtk2 browser, flash9, alsa

alternative: looks like some good news in the dev of swfdec... if you want to try this out: < >

Posted by WDef on June 19 2007,10:02
AFAIK there's problems getting flash9 to run on dsl - or has a solution been found?

mplayer should play flv files.
So try that.

Posted by roberts on June 19 2007,14:37
Am I missing something?
Using the flash7 as in the sticky post works with DSL's inbuilt firefox.
I just visitied and played several videos on their site.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on June 19 2007,17:29
Oh, really?  I thought one would need flash9 or compatible version, but I think that's my bad misinterpretation of "get the latest flash player."
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