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started by: icepick

Posted by icepick on June 23 2007,09:09
Does anyone know a easy way to get the image magick command line tools (like display and animate) on DSL? I noticed the DSL package doesnt include these tools.
Will I need to compile them myself? I already tried copying display from my linux box.. but all kinds of libraries are missing on dsl..
Whats the easy way to get this going?

Posted by curaga on June 23 2007,09:37
They are in the extension, just not in the $PATH.
Look in /opt/imagemagick/bin

Posted by icepick on June 23 2007,09:38
Thanks a lot!
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on June 23 2007,21:17
Just for future reference, please make sure you read the .info when using a mydsl extension.
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