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started by: icepick

Posted by icepick on June 23 2007,17:47
I am making a digital photoframe out of an old windows based terminal. So far, DSL is running smooth.. I am looking for a program that will let me set up a fullscreen (so  no window borders etc) slideshow. Anyone know a program that can do this? Can any of these render nice effects as picture transitions?
Posted by mikshaw on June 23 2007,20:03
You can do a plain slideshow with just about any image viewer, although some might require a little scripting to help.

The transition effects can be accomplished using xscreensaver instead of an image viewer.

A very basic slideshow could be made pretty easily with a murgaLua script, which would allow it to be much smaller than any image viewer written in C. I couldn't say anything about transition effects, though...that bit might be more work than it's worth.

Posted by mikshaw on June 23 2007,22:00
Here's an initial test of a murgaLua slideshow:
< >

It has some annoying issues at the moment, and no features at all...just shows one image after another.
But so far it's only about 800 bytes =o)

Posted by roberts on June 23 2007,23:25
The DSL book has a Chapter on DSL as a Digital Media Player.
There the mydsl extension, GQView is used. You can find it in the Apps or UCI section of the repository.

Several forums members have used the extension feh
You can find it in the UNC section.

Posted by irun5k on July 17 2007,07:39
I second the recommendation for feh.  I used it for my DSL based digiframe.  

pics and info:
< >

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