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Topic: Installing Flash for DSL
started by: jhsu

Posted by jhsu on July 02 2007,04:38
I followed the instructions at < >  but am having difficulties with the installation.

What do I type for the installation path of the browser?  I opened Aterm as a super-user.  I tried /usr/lib/mozilla as suggested, but it didn't work, and there's no such directory.  /home/dsl/.mozilla, /home/dsl/.mozilla/firefox, and /home/ramdisk/home/dsl/.mozilla/firefox didn't work either.

Posted by Juanito on July 02 2007,09:18
Did you try to open, then close the browser before trying the flash installation - I seem to recall I did this and then the install found the directory on its own.
Posted by mikshaw on July 02 2007,13:23
Don't be root and Robert's directions should work (notice he specifically said "As user dsl"). The installer is intended to install the plugin into the proper directory in your home.
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