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Topic: xmms crossfade-plugin?
started by: altona93

Posted by altona93 on July 15 2007,20:27
hi there!

after spending my sunday on installing DSL on an old Acer Note Light 370 Notebook (Pentium 75 MhZ, 64MB RAM, 2 GB HDD) and even managing to get the sound to work (solution: just add "alsa=es1688" to GRUBs menu.list) i am only missing one thing:

a crossfade-plugin for XMMS.

BUT: as i do not (yet) have a Lan/WLAN Card for my Notebook, i would need to download it from a different PC and install it without being online.

Is there any solution/resource for this plugin?

thanks for your help,


Posted by mikshaw on July 15 2007,21:10
Did you try an internet search?
< http://www.eisenlohr.org/xmms-crossfade/download.html >

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