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Topic: Help setting up sound on my 550CDT
started by: kipman725

Posted by kipman725 on July 16 2007,12:46
Hello I'm not very good at running Linux systems yet but have a nice working install of DSL running on my laptop, apart from I am unable to setup the sound.  I am very confused over the steps I need to take.  As I understand it there are two sound systems OSS and AlSA but I only need to setup OSS if all I want is midi wave and mp3 playback?

I duel boot with Free Dos so I know my laptops sound works here are the settings in the BIOS:
WSS I/O Address = 530H
SBPro I/O Address = 220H
Synthesizer I/O Address = 388H
WSS & SbPro & MPU401 IRQ Level = IRQ5
WSS(Play) DMA = Channel 1
WSS(Rec.) & SBPro DMA = Channel 0
Control I/O Address = 370H
MPU401 (MIDI I/F_ = 330H

The sound chip is a: Yamaha OPL3-SA3
The laptop is a Toshiba Tecra 550CDT

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I am totally stuck :(

Posted by curaga on July 16 2007,13:40
first boot with "dsl nosound". I had an opl3-sax chip myself, and the knoppix hw recognition program recognized it as something else, thus no sound. After a no sound check boot type "sudo modprobe opl3-sa2" and check if you have sound after that (play something in xmms etc..)

If you don't get automatic sound, type "modinfo opl3-sa2" and it will show all the params that can be given to the driver (irq, i/o etc..)..

Posted by kipman725 on July 16 2007,13:58
Both the modinfo and the modprobe return that there is no module by that name found.


Posted by curaga on July 16 2007,14:05
oh sorry, typo, no dash between, it's opl3sa2
Posted by kipman725 on July 16 2007,14:30
aha just figured it out when I refreshed :D
unfortunately no sound still tried selecting OSS and ALSA iun xmms and it still errors.
The mixer app also crashes if I try and change the volume.

Modinfo gives the foloiwng:
uses AD1848 MSS driver
parm: io int, description "sets I/O base of card (usualy 0x370, address must be even and be from 0x100 to 0xFFE)"
parm: mss_io int, "set midi I/O base (0x530, 0xE80, or other address must be even and from 0x
parm: irq int
parm: dma int, "set mss audio first DMA channel 0,1,3"
parm: dma2 int, "set mss audio second DMA channel 0,1,3"
parm: ymode int, "some 3d thing 0=desk 1=notebook 2= notebook 3=hi-fi"
parm: loopback int, "set A/D input source 0 mic rch 1=mono out"
parm: isapnp int,  "when set to 0 isapnp disable_
parm: multiple int, "when set to 0 will not search for more than one card"

how do I use these (I missed some info off as I cant see how to copy test from bash)

Posted by curaga on July 16 2007,15:16
alsa isn't included in DSL, only OSS..
Try this command after a nosound boot:
sudo modprobe opl3sa2 isapnp=0

turning isa pnp off is the key for many people...

if still no sound, try with more params:
sudo modprobe opl3sa2 isapnp=0 irq=5 dma=1 multiple=0

I'm not 100% sure which IO of the ones you gave is the base one.. but isapnp=0 works often

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 16 2007,16:43
Forum searches: see <;st=15 > and/or <;st=5 > for example.

Note: alsa is available in mydsl if you wish to use that instead.

Posted by kipman725 on July 23 2007,15:33
got it working using ALSA in the end as the OSS driver refused to load.
Posted by andrewb on July 23 2007,23:03
Try looking at:

< >

You should be able to get the correct i/o  & memory settings from the BIOS for your machine.

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