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started by: Siiig

Posted by Siiig on July 24 2007,02:42
Hi, hows every one doin.

First off just to let you know im very new to linux. I have played around with some other distros on my other computer. Currently i have DSL set up on the HDD of my Dell Lattitude CPi D266XT.

Comp info:
Pentium-II 266MHz
128MB Memory
Crystal 4237B Audio Controller.

Currently the main problem im looking to fix is the lack of sound. Xmms tells me there are no audio devices, and i have no idea where to start? A point in the right direction would be greatly appriciated :-)

Thanks in advance:

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 24 2007,03:12
module: cs4232
There's more info/solutions in a forum search should you need it...

Posted by Siiig on July 25 2007,01:03
Thanks, iv seen alot of referencing to modules, but never could figure out which one i needed :-X
Posted by rj1234 on Aug. 26 2007,02:27
I have this same laptop, and got my sound to work doing the following:

Enable apt, then
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install sndconfig
$ sudo sndconfig

Let it try to find a PNP card, which it won't....then
select "Crystal CS423x sound chip" and use the following:
I/O PORT: 0x530
IRQ: 5
DMA 1: 1
DMA 2: 1
MPU I/O: 0x330

Then a sound sample is played (some voice message).  Assuming you have headphones or speakers plugged in, you should hear it.

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