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Topic: getting xmms to work
started by: tonymoloney

Posted by tonymoloney on July 28 2007,03:47
When I put a Cdrom in the drive and open xmms, nothing is shown.
If I try to mount the CD by clicking on the cdrom then mount in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop I get an error message saying "Error...  or too many mounted file systems".
I don't have anything else mounted (other than my hda, of course)
My system is an old IBM Aptiva with 128 Mb Ram, using 2.5Gb of hard disk with Windows 98SE using the other 2.5GB. Windows does see the CD.
Any ideas?

Posted by curaga on July 28 2007,07:03
Audio cdroms cannot be mounted, there are no files there..

Did you click "play cd" after starting xmms?

Posted by tonymoloney on July 28 2007,07:11
Thanks Curaga. That did it. I'm still getting used to the different ways of doing things between Windoze and DSL

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