Flash gives juddery video and "chipmunk" sound

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Topic: Flash gives juddery video and "chipmunk" sound
started by: yangmusa

Posted by yangmusa on Aug. 22 2007,22:24
Running DSL 3.4 on a Fujitsu Lifebook B2131, 400 MHz

Installed Flash 7, as per the "DSL compatible flash" thread.

Most sites with flash now seem to work, but on YouTube the video is juddery and the sound is high-pitched, like the chipmunks. I was initially tempted to think my machine is too slow, but it works surprisingly well on the same machine when I boot Puppy 2.17 - so I guess I haven't gotten everything set up right.

If it's relevant: xmms works fine playing music, streaming radio & playing vids. So sounds & video works fine on the machine otherwise..

Posted by curaga on Aug. 23 2007,09:51
Blame Adobe. Flash 7 was a holy piece of crap, messy, slow, buggy code.. Flash 9 is much better, but needs alsa, gtk2 etc. Puppy uses Flash 9..
Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 23 2007,14:01
Blame Adobe.
If you're blaming someone for the quality of Flash 7, that would be Macromedia. Adobe bought it later.

I blame Adobe for making the holy piece of crap that is Flash 9 (crap because it needs alsa and gtk2 when it has no real need for either)

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