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Topic: Help me play this online video stream
started by: xmrkite

Posted by xmrkite on Aug. 29 2007,16:58
Hello, I'm trying to get this stream playing on my DSL laptop:


It's a religious station, and it works fine with mplayer on Ubuntu, but my Mplayer on DSL just won't play the video. Please help


Posted by curaga on Aug. 29 2007,17:10
Did you also get the codecs?
Posted by xmrkite on Aug. 29 2007,18:09
Where do the codecs go?

On ubuntu, i did this:

# cd /usr/lib/codecs
# wget < >
# tar xvjf all-20061022.tar.bz2
# exit

But there is no /usr/lib/codecs directory in DSL

Posted by curaga on Aug. 29 2007,18:26
From MyDSL, the same category as you got Mplayer, they automatically go where they are needed
Posted by xmrkite on Aug. 29 2007,18:40
You sure? Nothing anywhere in the MYDSL Repository says anything about codecs...i think i looked at them all. Please, if you know which one to get, let me know
--Thanks again.

Posted by lucky13 on Aug. 29 2007,22:35
Look in testing. There are two extensions for codecs listed.
Posted by xmrkite on Aug. 30 2007,21:37
I found them and they loaded fine. Just seems that my computer is too slow to play a wmv9 file (dell laptop, pentium II 400mhz)
-Thanks for the help

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 31 2007,04:18
If your system is too slow for software playback, you could check if you could get video acceleration for it (unless you are already are)
Posted by xmrkite on Aug. 31 2007,16:30
It's a laptop, so how would i check if i can get video acceleration?

--Also, I tend to think it's something else, cause it would not play smoothly with a 100kbps stream, and the cpu was at about 30% while that file was playing. Also, the sound and video were not sync'ed.

Posted by curaga on Aug. 31 2007,16:35
Just for comparison, my P2-366Mhz could play a about 700x400 divx with mp3 sound just fine, but it was using Ati Vidix acceleration..
Posted by curaga on Aug. 31 2007,16:37
Well, find out the graphics card (using lspci)

It could be that you don't have DMA enabled, without it all cd/dvd and hard drive transfers are a lot slower.. Unless you were playing from network?

Posted by AlanChambless on Oct. 15 2007,02:06
unfortunately the codecpak.dsl does not seem to be in the repository or at the DSL Book cites as the original source that it is derived from, P.S. I am experiencing the same problem.:rock:
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