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started by: JohnJS

Posted by JohnJS on Sep. 05 2007,16:29
Hi all:
need info on what I would need to use my scanner left over from my Windows days:

Using DSL 3.3 Frugal. (have ext GIMP)

Scanner is: Acer (I think it is now Benq) ARTOP elec
Model AEC6712D scsi Prisa 620ST.
Has pci: ACARD AEC6710D.

Tried looking up info. Do I need both "frontend" and "Backend" files?

Will getting "SANE" do the trick?.
Many thanks for any info.

Posted by Juanito on Sep. 05 2007,18:09
I believe you can scan from the command line with only sane-backend (scanimage) - at least you can together with hplip. To scan from within gimp I think you will need sane-frontend (xscanimage or xsane) but I could be wrong.

I've been contemplating compiling xsane, but it looks like an awful lot of "dev" files are needed.

Posted by JohnJS on Sep. 05 2007,19:14
Thanks Juanito,
Will lookup sane and see what they offer.

Posted by Juanito on Sep. 06 2007,08:38
I had a go at compiling xsane - in addition to the usual compile environment, the following headers/libs were required:

sane, usb, jpeg, tiff, gtk1.2/gtk2, x, gimp
[sane = sane-backend, xsane = sane-frontend]

I didn't have the gimp headers so I couldn't compile to scan directly from gimp, but I managed to compile xscanimage.

Anyway, xscanimage brought up a basic scanning window with image preview, resolution adjustment and colour modes and the mydsl gimp extension opened the resulting image file without problems.

Edit: I found gimp headers and after linking xscanimage to gimp plug-ins, I could scan from inside the mydsl gimp extension.

Note: I didn't see any conf/lib files for acer or benq in the sane-backend, so I don't know if this will work for your scanner or not.

Posted by JohnJS on Sep. 06 2007,15:09
Thanks Juanito.

Since my scanner is over 10 years old I downloaded the oldest file from Sane-project "sane-backends.1.0.14.tar.gz" but md5sum fails. Tried three downloads with same results using instructions on page 113 of DSL book.
Will try again in a few days.
Appreciate quick responses.

Posted by Juanito on Sep. 06 2007,17:48
You could try:
Code Sample
$ wget -c -O /tmp/sane-backends-1.0.14.tar.gz

That didn't look to have any acer or benq files in either - maybe you could get them from the oem site?

Posted by JohnJS on Sep. 07 2007,14:51
Hi Juanito,
I downloaded than sane=backend. Similar to the earlier three. The md5sum matches if I use Emelfn but 'fails' if I try info from DSL book (pg113).
Anyway have saved the file in a dcty on my hd.

Do I need additional files? Also what is the command to run scan?.

System/Stats/PCI shows that the card is recognized.

edit: I downloaded that sane-backends.1.0.14.tar.gz file.
Still a 'newbie".

Posted by Juanito on Sep. 07 2007,15:26
Aaah - perhaps you are mixing a standard tarball with a mydsl .tar.gz extension? See page 202 of the dsl book.

To be able to use xscanimage, you have to untar sane-backends.1.0.14.tar.gz (which is a standard tarball)  and then compile the application using ./configure, make and make install.

Posted by JohnJS on Sep. 07 2007,17:03
Will try follow instructions on pg203 of Book.

The DSL book is an excellent source.

Edit: Got 'lost" at step 8 and step 9, pg 203 book.
configure -prefix=
Is 'prefix' replaced by 'artec" which is the name of the pci for my scanner?
Sorry for newbie query.

Posted by curaga on Sep. 08 2007,11:26
No, prefix means the top dir where to install. Prefix=/usr would install everything in /usr/bin, /usr/lib etc.
Posted by JohnJS on Sep. 08 2007,19:03
Thanks curaga.

Will re-read README file to see how to just load only the Artec drivers.
On my first try it seems to want to load everything.

Posted by Juanito on Sep. 21 2007,07:16
I compiled sane-frontends-0.14 and sane-backends-0.18 for the hplip extension. If you think these could help, drop me a pm and I'll send them to you.
Posted by JohnJS on Sep. 21 2007,20:16
Thanks Juanito, sent you 'pm'.
Posted by JohnJS on Sep. 25 2007,20:18
Many many thanks to Juanito for walking a newbie through my scanner installation.
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