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started by: lone wolf

Posted by lone wolf on Sep. 10 2007,08:15
I am running a Debian style HD install and I have loaded realplayer.uci. For some reason, when I try to run it with the command "realplay", I get the following error:

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Posted by lucky13 on Sep. 10 2007,12:47
Hmmm, have you installed the GTK2 extension and started it?
Posted by lone wolf on Sep. 11 2007,01:32
uhm...dur, newbie am very sorry for dumb question. Maybe you could tell me why when I try to mount a music cd I get

error: or too many mounted file systems

(data cds work fine though). Or should I start a new thread? I hope that isn't as dumb a question...

Good news is, I got DSL doing almost everything I need it to (just need to get music cds to mount and torrent clients to not freeze my comp).

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 11 2007,02:13
when I try to mount a music cd
Music CDs don't mount. Just play them directly (xmms /dev/cdrom)

Posted by lone wolf on Sep. 11 2007,02:50
Sweet! My last problem is my comp freezes up after having bittorrent GUI or bittornado loaded for two to 5 minutes. It connects to peers and downloads just fine, after multiple attempts I have 50% of a file, but it just keeps freezing up my comp. Any ideas?
Posted by curaga on Sep. 11 2007,14:02
Heavy program? Ran out of memory?

Could you try utorrent?

Posted by lone wolf on Sep. 12 2007,06:44
I don't see utorrent listed in the repository. Did you mean ctorrent? I used utorrent in windows; if there is a dsl version, I would love to use it!
Posted by stupid_idiot on Sep. 16 2007,08:53
You could try 'rtorrent'!

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