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started by: thingumybob

Posted by thingumybob on Oct. 26 2007,22:01
Ok, I know this has probably been answered before; but, I can't find any straight forward answers and I have read practically every relevant post at least once.

Here goes...

The output plugin my Xmms is using now is  I know this because of the following reasons:

In Xmms under Options>Preferences>Audio I/O Plugins>Output Plugin>

OSS Driver 1.2.8 []

In the file:


there is a line that says so:


Great, so when I go to:


there are four files:

My question is, why can't I select as an output plugin in Xmms?  It seems to be where it's supposed to be.  The other three files are listed as output plugins in Xmms.

Please don't just respond just by saying, "You need to install ALSA."  That's not an answer.  


Thanks in advance!

Posted by Juanito on Oct. 27 2007,03:31
I just checked my desktop (dsl-3.4.2) and the output plugin is set to "alsa 1.2.8 output plugin []" and the audio device to "es1370 dac2/adc"

Maybe you won't get this option if alsa isn't loaded?

Posted by thingumybob on Oct. 27 2007,14:32
Thanks, that really helps.  I was trying to install ALSA when I should have been LOADING it.  How stupid of me.

Well at least you got your post count up.   :;):   But seriously, could you please explain what you mean by loading?

Posted by Juanito on Oct. 27 2007,14:45
By "loading" I meant to load the mydsl alsa extension:
Code Sample
$ mydsl-load /path-to-file/alsa.dsl

If alsa.dsl and gnu-utils.dsl are in /mydsl, then you can use the bootcode "alsa" to load alsa automatically at boot.

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