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started by: Moptop

Posted by Moptop on Nov. 01 2007,22:26
In this topic ~ <;st=0 >

A java DSL extension was mentioned. Where is this located?

Posted by stupid_idiot on Nov. 01 2007,23:34
< direct link >

Posted by Moptop on Nov. 01 2007,23:41
Thanks! :D
Posted by Moptop on Nov. 02 2007,22:38
Hey I'm back. I downloaded it on DSL's installer thing and... Nothing happened. Do I have to reboot it?

Edit: Rebooted it, still not working...

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 03 2007,01:13
You have to install it.  For example, if you're using a terminal, you can use `mydsl-load file`
Posted by Moptop on Nov. 03 2007,02:50
So... mydsl-load /path/to/that/file?
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