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started by: colonel_panic

Posted by colonel_panic on Jan. 12 2008,18:20

I'm working on a small computer that I will be using as a music player for my (admittedly crappy) home stereo setup.

Since it's a fairly old computer, I think that DSL would be great for helping it run fast.

My question is, is there a program I can get that would allow me to control the music player from a webpage interface? Kind of like WAWI for Winamp? ( I think there's one for XMMS, but I've had no success getting it to work on any Linux distro.

Posted by curaga on Jan. 12 2008,18:29
No idea, but wouldn't a remote controller be better?
A serial port infrared receiver + any remote = control :D

Posted by curaga on Jan. 12 2008,18:34
A quick google showed xmms-control, a PHP page for controlling xmms through xmms-shell. You would need Apache, php, and xmms-shell to use it.
Posted by colonel_panic on Jan. 12 2008,18:38
Yeah, xmms-control, that's what it was called. I never could get it to work. Which is strange, considering I've never had trouble getting php webpages to work on my apache setup.

And btw, thanks for responding so quickly.

Posted by curaga on Jan. 12 2008,19:38

Another one.

Posted by chaostic on Jan. 13 2008,03:01
The vlc.8.6b dsl package that anonymous/stupid_idiot submitted has the http interface on it. I believe the current version on the mydsl archive has the http files on it, so launch vlc with "vlc -i dummy -extra-intra http" and then access it at < http://*ip-address*:8080/ >
Posted by colonel_panic on Jan. 13 2008,05:05
Alright, I'll try that tomorrow.

Just to double check, this will let me pull up the page on, say, my palm pilot or Nintendo DS browser, press play, and have the computer start playing through the stereo? And not stream through my palm? Because that's what I'm going for.

Posted by curaga on Jan. 13 2008,11:30
Your palm pilot and NDS can both SSH into your main comp and then you could use xmms-control :)
Posted by colonel_panic on Jan. 13 2008,16:25
Ok this is weird.

I'm using the new 4.2.3 DSL, and I tried to load the VLC extension, but it gave me an error message "Please mount media containing optional dir and try again." at which point it fails to load the extension. I've never had this problem. Any ideas?

Posted by Juanito on Jan. 13 2008,17:31
"Please mount media containing optional dir and try again." at which point it fails to load the extension

- that usually means you made a typo in the path or file name...

Posted by colonel_panic on Jan. 13 2008,18:38
Well, that's just it, I'm doing all of this through the GUI. It even does that after I've downloaded an extension through the MyDSL browser. And, it does it on ANY plugin.
Posted by spark-o-matic on Feb. 03 2008,23:30
It's strange i just noticed this thread.  For several months now i have been developing a way to stream music from any computer running a web-server that supports PERL.  It is being designed and tested with a retired radio station DJ who runs a low power FM station for a hobby. The controls are web page based so it can be controled by any computer that has access to the server.  I use it for things such as listening to music from my laptop in the shower.  The DJ is being set up so the transmitter runs off of a second computer, freeing up his main computers sound card and his mixer board so he can copy records that are not available on CD (and many may never be) to his hard drive.  At this moment, I am trying  to set up a computer using DSL for playback for him because of the   stability of linux.

This is the problem I am having.

I use:
Code Sample
print "location: $loc\n\n";

to redirect to the url of the MP3 file.  This works with some media players but not others.  XMMS has no problem playing playing MP3 files, given a direct link to the file,  but it is uncooperative with my redirect technique.  It appears there are a number of media players available, and without me downloading and experimenting with each one when someone else may already know the answer, is there one that will work with this?

Please forgive, I don't mean to hi-jack the thread.  the topiic seems right.

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