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Topic: HELP!  Videos are too dark!
started by: jhsu

Posted by jhsu on Jan. 13 2008,17:51
Whether I play videos on Youtube or download them as *.flv files for viewing on the UCI version of MPlayer, they always come out too dark.  The footage always gives the appearance of trying to see the world through extra-dark-tinted sunglasses.

What can I do about this?  What configurations do I need to change?

Posted by curaga on Jan. 13 2008,18:05
Try some of the video filters, like brightness equalisator:
mplayer -vf eq=50:0 myfile.flv

the first number is brightness, the second is contrast

Posted by jhsu on Jan. 13 2008,19:07
Thanks!  Now how do I get this implemented in the MPlayer configurations so that I don't have to manually type in the file name?  I'm using the *.uci version of MPlayer, but it's not letting me change the video settings in the equalizer menu.  The contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation are locked at 100, the highest possible settings.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 13 2008,19:51
You can add settings to your mplayer config file, such as ~/.mplayer/config
(probably with something like vf=eq=50:0 )

Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 14 2008,00:19
You can also control the video at runtime
1 and 2 adjusts contrast
3 and 4 adjusts brightness
5 and 6 adjusts hue
7 and 8 adjusts saturation

Posted by WDef on Jan. 18 2008,23:48
Sometimes the default filter configuration will clean up old or badly filmed/transferred video:

mplayer -vf pp=de file.flv

Unfortunately I often find the default filter set "de", which does try to autoadjust contrast etc, doesn't seem to get that part right.  But it will knock out blockiness etc. and is easy to remember.

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