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Topic: DAAP client possible?
started by: alanh

Posted by alanh on Jan. 28 2008,17:57
I have a couple of old (c. 2000) laptops that I'd like to use as clients to play back music served from my home's Firefly media server.  Firefly uses DAAP (i.e. iTunes Music sharing) to serve the music and I've found clients like Rhythmbox and Banshee that work on other purportedly light-weight linux distros (e.g. Xubuntu).  However, even Xubuntu is too heavy to run on these systems without constant churning to/from VM (128 MB of ram).

Can anyone offer advice/suggestions for setting up DSL to do this?

Posted by Juanito on Jan. 29 2008,18:22
Will firefly work as a client for itself? I posted a firefly extension for dsl a while ago that I use as a server...
Posted by jpeters on Jan. 30 2008,05:07
There's an entire chapter in the DSL Book devoted to making an Edna Server in DSL.  (uses edna.dsl &  python).
Posted by alanh on Jan. 30 2008,15:55
Firefly does not have any client features, it's only a DAAP (iTunes sharing protocol) server.  Edna is similarly just a server, though not compatible with DAAP.  

What about a DAAP client?  Has anyone set up a system that way?

Posted by chaostic on Feb. 01 2008,04:26
Posted by Juanito on Feb. 01 2008,07:02
An interesting link - and rythmbox looks interesting too, except that it needs gnome desktop...
Posted by Juanito on Feb. 09 2008,05:52
I also had a look at banshee (which requires the mono .net equivalent) and, much better for dsl, getittogether which requires java but seems to work.

Edit: getittogether shows the music from the daap server but won't play it with the internal java player or xmms

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