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started by: spark-o-matic

Posted by spark-o-matic on Feb. 03 2008,21:16
It is a 16 bit ISA Aztech sound card.  I would have to pull it out to get the model.  There was a hardware conflict with my PnP NIC which I resolved in BOIS.  

modprobe sb

Allows me to set the levels on different inputs and it does adjust the volume.  Trying to play through the wave out makes the computer unresposive.  I believed i need to specify these resorces:

reported by windows as:
AZT 2320 PnP Device (audio)

base address: 220
wave address:530
wave irq: 10
playback dma: 0
record dma: 1

Internal OPL/OP3 FM Synthisis (MIDI)
use the same.

MPU 401
irq: 5
address: 330

What would be the most likely correct command?


Posted by Juanito on Feb. 04 2008,03:34
Try this to get the options to use with the module:
Code Sample
$ modinfo sb

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