need codecs to play AVI files.

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Topic: need codecs to play AVI files.
started by: TuNiX

Posted by TuNiX on Jan. 15 2009,18:33
Last night i tried to play an AVI with my damn small linux and the player opened but all i could get was sound. im pretty sure this is due to the fact that the media player doesn't have the codecs needed to play the AVI file. how can i download these? i didn't see them on the package manager.
Posted by WDef on Jan. 15 2009,22:33
You could try installing mplayer-1.0pre8cvs.uci from the repo.   If your avi still won't play when opened from mplayer, install codecpak.dsl as well and try again.
Posted by TuNiX on Jan. 20 2009,18:33
And i can find the .UCI and the .DSL files from the package manager on DSL?
Posted by WDef on Jan. 20 2009,23:21
Yes from the MyDSL browser.  Or you can download these manually from < >

But suggest you read

Getting Started with Damn Small Linux

It opens when you boot last time I checked.

Why does nobody read that?

Also read the wiki.

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