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started by: John

Posted by John on Dec. 20 2003,18:04
If you have a wireless card that is working with DSL post it here.  List the brand, make, and version please.

My working card:
Linksys WCP11 v.3

Posted by roberts on Dec. 20 2003,19:27
Netgear MA401 v2.5
Orinoco Gold v8.72

Posted by woverin on Dec. 20 2003,20:34
Accton WN 3101J pcmcia / Prism2/2.5/3

not work
Gigafast 741-UIC usb / Zydas 1201 chipset
SMC 2635W pcmcia / ADMtek
Syntax USB 400/ Prism 3

Posted by Modrak on Jan. 11 2004,18:51
US Robotics 2210 PCI (desktop pc)
-||- 2216 PCMCIA(notebook)

They are 802.11b+ (something between 802.11b and 802.11g) it's 22Mbit with strange 802.11g chip :-( FU*K

Posted by anders on Feb. 05 2004,18:08
I have a lingsys G54 pcmcia card, that doesn't work with DSL. Ive tried 2 difrent notebooks, Dell and Toshiba, and neither works.
Posted by libretto on Feb. 05 2004,23:49
Netgear MA401 (PCMCIA card) WORKS
Posted by The_Q on Feb. 06 2004,23:53
DSE (Dick Smith Electronics) W-Lan card XH7918

PCMCIA 802.11b Prism 2 chipset with orinocco driver

Posted by Buck on Feb. 12 2004,08:02
Netgear MA311 ver. GE.  Worked like a charm.
Posted by sokminer on Feb. 17 2004,13:22
SMC 2453 using House of Craig's ACX100 driver and modules
Works great.  Instructions are spectacular

Posted by sokminer on Feb. 17 2004,13:25
Actually I got the SMC 2435 running on Feather linux HDD install.  Haven't tested it on DSL.  Sorry for the mix up
Posted by rhackenb on Feb. 18 2004,21:25
I have a Belkin F5D7000 54G PCI card. I have just started to using it but haven't connected wirelessly yet.   What is the graphic DSL application that people use to monitor a wireless card?

-- bob

Posted by Modrak on Feb. 18 2004,21:31
wavemon(text-GUI...slashes,dots and chars are used to do diagram(ncurses))
Posted by rhackenb on Feb. 19 2004,03:31
I don't seem to have wavemon installed and it is not a package that is found by synaptic.  How do I get it and install it?
Posted by Modrak on Feb. 19 2004,16:42 search for wavemon and download the binaries (if there are some) or you must get gcc and compile the source of wavemon
Posted by dallas7 on Feb. 19 2004,20:39
Linksys WPC51AB firmware 1.02 not recognized in .05 and 0.6.  That's in an IBM Stinkpad 570E; have no other laptops in which to test.

WPC11 v3 works OK.

Posted by rbrandnur on Feb. 21 2004,20:42
Blitzz Net Wave Point PC 802.11b PCMCIA doesn't work, but this actually doesn't surprise me.
Posted by lemhanover on Feb. 22 2004,01:00
:) DSL 0.6 and  Belkin F5D6020 version 2 working great right out of the box.  Version 2 uses an atmel chipset which is different than the first edition.

Update, DSL 7.2 ditto

Posted by Chuck on Feb. 23 2004,13:08
DSL 0.6 and  Belkin F5D6020 version 2 working great right out of the box.  Version 2 uses an atmel chipset which is different than the first edition.


Was there anything special you did to get this to work. Was it inserted at startup or did you insert afterwards and perform your on insmod for the card?  

I have the V2 of the Belkin card and was about to go shopping for a new one.  

Any help larry or anyone else who has gotten this to work would be appreciated.


Posted by chuck on Feb. 23 2004,20:07
It was my bios setting.  I solved my own problem.  When using the DSL on a Toshiba make sure you don't have the PCMCIA settting to card bus /16.  Once I changed the setting it worked just fine.  

Any reason why knoppix has not rolled the support for the belkin card into the CD.  I am not complaining but I was wondering how to do it if I wanted Airsnort/ Nessus on the laptop I am using?

Posted by Modrak on Feb. 23 2004,20:42
Try out my
located at < >

Posted by Modrak on Mar. 10 2004,15:19
Edimax EW-7126 (RTL-8180 chip) doesn't work :'(
Posted by hawki on Mar. 12 2004,14:29
I have a blue generic card label IEEE802.11b which uses the RTL8180 chipset.  I got it to work using the driver downloaded from REALTEK and compiled using KNOPPIX 3.2.   This works with DSL 5.3.1.  I think I need to recompile with the new KNOPPIX to get it to work with DSL 6.1
Posted by hawki on Mar. 24 2004,03:32
VCTnet AirXpress PC11BR

Based on Realtek RTL8180 chipset.  Works with DSLinux
Driver version 1.5 downloaded from WWW.REALTEK.COM.TW.
Compiled with KNOPPIX 3.2

Does not hotplug
Manual load and unload of driver.

What do you want for $14 delivered.

Posted by anonymous coward on Mar. 27 2004,00:01
Cisco Aironet 350
worked flawlessly, though for my network I had to run iwconfig/pump to get it to authenticate properly due to security settings.

Of course, it found and logged onto a few of my neighbor's wlans without even asking. ;-)

Anyone have any luck getting a speedstream pcmcia wireless card working? I have a spare, and never had any luck getting it going.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on July 31 2004,05:10
Airlink+ model #WLH3010 802.11g PCI (Broadcom chipset) = NO WORKY.

but i shall figure out something.

Posted by James Fox on Aug. 03 2004,17:12
I have a USR5416, and it does *not* work. Perhaps you could think of bundling ndiswrapper with DSL? Trying to get it to work was an absolute pain for me, not to mention a failure.
Posted by Rockrol913 on Aug. 10 2004,17:23
Hi ...
Yea, my Belkin PCMCIA 802.11b card is recognized by DSL ... Cool ... But I can't seem to set it up with wlcardconfig ... I mean the card is seen by wlcardconfig. Any ideas ? I "route add default gw" to bring it up. Dillo trys to connect to a website but no luck. I did "cardctl status" and my card is "READY" ... Now I noticed that with a NETGEAR card in Feather Linux the NETGEAR card works with no problem. In DSL the NETGEAR card is even recognized.   :cool:

Posted by Rockrol913 on Aug. 10 2004,17:25
I mean NOT even recognized ... :laugh:
Posted by greybeard on Aug. 11 2004,05:08
SMC2632Wv2 does NOT recognize by default
SMC provides fvnetr_cs atmel binaries for
  a)  Support RedHat 7.1, Redhat 7.2, Redhat 7.3
  b)  linux-kernel 2.4.17, 2.4.18

Do I need to recompile for 2.4.22? Can I use Knoppix for that ... which version?

I can patch the /etc/pcmcia/config and add to my restore list but the whole lib dir is linked to the cd.  How do I add my driver,
assuming I can get it to work?  Do I need to remaster?  Or should I do a hard drive install?  Or should I buy an 8180 card?

Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 11 2004,05:24

See this earlier post...
<;t=155 >

Look at the end of my posts...
I had some success bypassing the wlancardconfig

Did you try these commands ?
What is the output ?  errors?


Posted by wetterau on Aug. 11 2004,06:54
Working card: LINKSYS WPC11 v.3.0 wavemon also works very well. If anyone has weak signal/too much noise, they might check for the very clear instructions on how to make an antenna. I was able to double the strength of a signal with a .99 can of spaghetti sauce, an inch and a half of copper wire, and a $20 antenna lead in kit from Fleers & Somebody (see ref in above url). Highly recommended. Thanks for DSL, a terrific job.
Posted by Rockrol913 on Aug. 11 2004,18:13
Hey ke4nt1 ...

First off thanx for your responce ...
Yea... I tryed wlanctl-ng wlan0 and so on... I get "no such device".
My Belkin card is seen by DSL... I set up with "netcardconfig". I did "ifconfig" and everything is configured right i.p. address, br. address, everything... Dillo, and Links Hacked both try to connect... Wait a few seconds as it trys to connect, but no luck... I'm right there... I'm in the zone to connect, but no luck... I know that socket 0 is not seen... I mean socket 1 is seen... But not socket 0. Could that be the problem?

Posted by Rockrol913 on Aug. 11 2004,18:16
Opps... Forgot to log in :D
I'm new here !
It posted anyway... O.K...

Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 11 2004,18:40

Please share with us the output of your ifconfig and iwconfig..

You say it recognizes the card upon bootup, so when it sees
the card in the pcmcia bootup scan, you SEE the name of your card on screen.

than it usually says something like "unnown wireless card wlan0 ignored"
or "ignoring unknown card on eth0"

Do you know what chipset / driver - the card  - has / wants to find


Posted by Rockrol913 on Aug. 11 2004,19:29
"Hey ke4nt1 ...
Quick responce THANX...
Yea... I'm getting "ignoring unknown card eth0"
Good question... Yea... I don't know the chipset/driver... How do I find that info out? And then what do I do  ???
As far as my output for "ifconfig", all the right info shows up. I'll have to write it down and post it for ya... Yea... as far as "iwconfig", I just get a console for like a mila-second and nothing. It disappears...

Posted by dslfool on Aug. 12 2004,20:39
WaveBuddy 11WP-611AL 802.11b PC Card works for me in DSL 0.7.3 HD install on a Toshiba notebook.

Required installing "make", editing a file and compiling a driver, included on CD. Ignored copious error messages. Compiling halted w/ errors re single quote, Ctrl-C'd past these.

$11.00US from < > as of last week.

Posted by danini on Aug. 12 2004,23:35
i have a Belkin F5D7000 wireless 802.11G
by defaults dsl 0.7.3 don't recognice it,
the only way that i have seen in internet is via ndiswrapper, but i ddin't tried yet

there are modules/drivers to make dsl recognize it? if there are?
need i to recompile the kernel to support this drivers, or can i do that without


Posted by ripcrd6 on Aug. 17 2004,20:18
danini, I'm in the same boat with a new project.  I need to remaster a DSL or knoppix to support a Wireless G card, probably using NDISwrapper.  I don't think you have to recompile the kernel, but you may have to compile the ndiswrapper stuff for DSL using Knoppix 3.3 from 9/24/2003.
Posted by ripcrd6 on Aug. 17 2004,20:24
google for KNOPPIX_V3.3-2003-09-24-EN.iso

It looks like there is a .deb of the ndiswrapper package avail.  Look at   There is also an option to compile it with make-kpkg.   Need to read up on it more before I start messing around to get it to work.  It would help if I had the card so I could start.

Posted by writeson on Sep. 09 2004,16:15
Hi all,

Is there a way to get a Linksys WCP11 V4.0 card to work with DSL? That's the card I have for the Compaq Pressario Laptop 1800 I've got DSL installed on. Or, does anyone know where I can get a Netgear MA401 V2.5 card? I can't seem to find anyplace to buy older network cards.


Posted by Max on Sep. 10 2004,03:49
DSL  0.8.1

Lucent Orinoco Gold works flawlessly

Atheros 802.11b/g (IBM OEM Mini PCI in T41,42) works halfway after some tweaking.  Can't get DHCP IP address yet though....

D-Link DWL-122 802.11b USB Stick doesn't even get recognized.

Posted by ZooT_aLLures on Sep. 12 2004,21:18
microsoft MN-510 USB wireless adapter working using the prism2_usb module

(I bought it on clearance for $9)

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Sep. 12 2004,21:39
Netgear MA401 works like a charm with every version I have tried it with (0.6.x - 0.8.x).

Now I'm seriously considering dumping WinXP for DSL on my notebook.

So much fun.


Posted by A-Rod on Sep. 16 2004,18:20

you need ndiswrapper or the acx111 drivers (which don't seem to work quite as well), this is a great cheap 802.11g card, $25CDN in a real store, probably cheaper online. Supposedly you can add an external antenna connector to it.

I do have the card working under DSL now though with either of the drivers mentioned above

Posted by Aiku on Sep. 19 2004,19:57
DSL v0.8.1.1 and using a Netgear USB MA111 works great!
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Sep. 20 2004,01:23
ooh, i have one of those.

i gotta try it..


how did you get it to work??

mine isn't even recognized...

Posted by Aiku on Sep. 20 2004,06:19
Here is what I use for basic connection for my Netgear USB MA111

wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_ifstate ifstate=enable
wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_autojoin ssid=YOUR_SSID authtype=opensystem
pump -i wlan0
kill `pidof wmnet`
wmnet -w -W wlan0 &

I mainly use it a public access points

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 20 2004,08:40
This is being typed from my 233 laptop with a Microsoft MN-720 802.11G
Broadcom Chipset - I picked it up at Target on sale for $13.00
This is using the drivers at  with the 0.10 version of ndiswrapper..


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 17 2004,06:15

moved to a new topic.


Posted by Lef on Oct. 17 2004,20:47
D-Link DWL-650+
Posted by irun5k on Oct. 18 2004,19:29
Can I ask a question and offer a friendly suggestion?

I think replies to this topic could be even more helpful if folks could indicate in each case the exact conditions of whether something works or not.  i.e. you plug the card in... and then exactly what did you have to do?  (some folks have done this in their replies, some haven't)

Now, I'm looking for a USB stick, 802.11b, cheap, whatever.  I'd like to just be able to plug it and not have to compile drivers or anything.  Is there such a beast and can it be configured with a  GUI built into DSL?

Posted by Ghost_runner on Oct. 24 2004,02:53
generic prism 2. had to edit /etc/pcmcia/config add the lines:

Card "PRISM2"
   manfid "0x52C0","0x7300"
   bind "orinoco_cs"

then it works ok, but it won't search out ap's and give me a list of active sites

Posted by Ed Carp on Nov. 01 2004,06:01
Linksys WPC11 V.4 with ndiswrapper

mounted the driver disk on /cdrom
cd /cdrom
ndiswrapper -i lsrtnds.inf

added to /opt/

modprobe ndiswrapper
sleep 5
pump -i wlan0
sleep 5
echo "network up"

By the way, insert/remove cards doesn't work - /etc/init.d/pcmcia points to the CD-ROM, but the script on the CD-ROM points to itself!  What's up with that?

DSL 0.8.3


Posted by petergunn on Dec. 12 2004,02:06
DWL-122 USB works great (using it right now) on DSL 0.8.3 using a little shell script to connect to access point. $20 recertified from tigerdirect :-) Works in my Tivo Series 2 as well.

Im using it in the usb port of a Thinkpad 560z, but I also tried using it in a Zonet USB2 PCMCIA adapter and it worked great there as well.

Couldnt get airsnort to work in either config tho.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 12 2004,03:15
Airsnort can take a while to pick out the WEP.
Posted by l00zer on Dec. 22 2004,22:22
I have a Belkin F5D7010 card, and it doesnt work with Ndiswrapper. I have SuSE linux on the hard disk, with an older version of Ndiswrapper (0.07 or something), and it works. How do i get an older version of Ndiswrapper onto DSL?
Posted by msuho on Dec. 24 2004,04:56
LInksys WUSB11 Ver 2.5  Works

Prism2 Chipset

edit /etc/modutils/linux-wlan-ng - change "prism2_pci" to "prism2_usb" in alias

modprobe prism2_usb
wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_ifstate ifstate=enable
wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_autojoin ssid=<your APs SSID> authtype=opensystem
ifconfig wlan0 <yourIP> netmask <yourNetmask> broadcast <yourBroadcast>
route add default gw <yourGateway>


Posted by l00zer on Dec. 24 2004,20:21
I got my Belkin F5D7010 to work, I just used the drivers from the dell site.
<, > bcmwl5.inf

Posted by ZooT_aLLures on Dec. 27 2004,06:28
I got a microsoft MN-510(got it for $10?) working using the earlier posting:
LInksys WUSB11 Ver 2.5  Works

Prism2 Chipset

edit /etc/modutils/linux-wlan-ng - change "prism2_pci" to "prism2_usb" in alias

modprobe prism2_usb
wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_ifstate ifstate=enable
wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_autojoin ssid=<your APs SSID> authtype=opensystem
ifconfig wlan0 <yourIP> netmask <yourNetmask> broadcast <yourBroadcast>
route add default gw <yourGateway>

And also if you're getting a weak signal try
< >
and grab their templates.....I built a "windsurfer" in ten minutes that cost about 5 cents that fits on the rubber duckie on the M-510 and it works wonders (it's rated at 9db gain or 12db with resizing mods)

Posted by edard on Jan. 06 2005,04:42
The Linksys WPC54G ver 2 PCMCIA wireless card works with ndiswrapper in DSL 0.9.2  Great!!
Posted by dan on Jan. 08 2005,23:52
Hi all, I'm trying to set up a system to act as a small wireless bridge and cannot seem to get the aironet 350 driver from cisco to compile correctly. Using the latest DSL, I have kernel 2.4.26, but the cisco driver info says it works with 2.4.18 and 2.4.20-28.  Might this be the problem I am having?

As a side note, I think this distro is great, could someone tell me how they generally set up a dev system for porting stuff to it?  Do  you typically use a full Debian installed system and compile stuff then make sure it works ok on the DSL minimal install?



Posted by cbagger01 on Jan. 10 2005,04:24
Most myDSL extensions are precompiled Debian binaries.

However, it is possible to compile stuff on DSL once you have downloaded and installed the gcc1.dsl extension and any other libraries needed by the source program.

It is also easy to compile stuff for DSL from a KNOPPIX 3.4 (5-17-2004) system because DSL 0.8.x and 0.9.x are based from the KNOPPIX 3.4-5-17-2004 livecd.

Posted by tronik on Jan. 10 2005,15:51
I'm using a NetGear MA111 wireless USB Key and it works finel
Posted by guest on Jan. 14 2005,16:17
UsRobotics USR805410 working on old toshiba satellite 1700-300 with ndiswrapper and < > inf file.
Posted by Modrak on Jan. 17 2005,21:07
Lucent ORiNOCO Silver Card (5V , 16bit,orinoco_cs, hermes) works out of box but monitor mode or "iwlist eth0 scan", even with "iwpriv eth0 scan 1 or 2 (type of mon mode (legacy prism and the other one is orinoco) and the channel (example iwpriv eth0 monitor 1 9)doesn't work
Posted by Paperweight on Jan. 31 2005,05:12
(dlink) D-LINK DWL-650+
Tested with unencrypted router, no verification.
Instructions: (while root and toram mode)
(Firstly, insert the driver CD-ROM) then typed
ndiswrapper -i /mnt/auto/cdrom/WinXP/AIRPLUS.INF
ndiswrapper -l
modprobe ndiswrapper
(then netcardconfig)

Posted by anthony on Feb. 02 2005,13:46
does anyone have a usb wireless adaptor working with DSL?

do any of the following work?

802.11b Wireless USB Network Adapter
Part # F5D6050


Posted by dexdex on Feb. 21 2005,14:16
Quote (Guest @ Feb. 23 2004,08:08)
DSL 0.6 and  Belkin F5D6020 version 2 working great right out of the box.  Version 2 uses an atmel chipset which is different than the first edition.


Was there anything special you did to get this to work. Was it inserted at startup or did you insert afterwards and perform your on insmod for the card?  

I have the V2 of the Belkin card and was about to go shopping for a new one.  

Any help larry or anyone else who has gotten this to work would be appreciated.


Can you give me a step by step guide. im running dsl 0.9.3 on an old laptop (only support pcmcia and but no cardbus) thats why i bought the belkin f5d6020 ver.2 card. But when i got to the control panel  and wlanconfig the system tells me, that no wlan card found on the system. please help me.
Posted by filthyskillet on Mar. 11 2005,05:54
wpc11 from an old linksys wet11 wireless ethernet bridge pcmcia prism2
Posted by andy_g_gray on Mar. 13 2005,17:39
Buffalo WLI-CB-G54L

Works with ndiswrapper

Posted by Japonica on Mar. 21 2005,15:41
D-Link Air Plus DWL-G650+
Works with dsl1.0rc1 and ndiswrapper

Posted by linuxrulz on April 13 2005,06:09
I have an HP compaq nc8000 with wireless but wireless is not working  :( In *shudder* windows it says it is an intel mini-PCI card.
does this help? ???

Posted by totty on April 15 2005,09:09
Quote (Japonica @ Mar. 21 2005,10:41)
D-Link Air Plus DWL-G650+
Works with dsl1.0rc1 and ndiswrapper

I can second that one

and the safecom SWLCA-1100 (realtek rtl8180 chipset) also works with ndiswrapper

Posted by flynch on April 17 2005,12:03
:D  DSL works great for my Airvast Wlan USB module in my ECS 535 Laptop.  This is the only distro I have found to work flawlessly , so far.  Thanks!!

I am using the wireless connection to post this reply.

Ubuntu worked once with Linux-wlan-ng, but after restatr, the mouse pointer was very jerky and uncontrollable.  There seemed to be a busy loop conflict betrween eth0 and wlan0 which I could not resolve. The only cure way I could make Ubuntu reusable was to reinstall.  What a bummer!  I am a DSL addict now, and am contributing financially to this wonderful distro.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Posted by Prosthetic Head on April 19 2005,14:30
Cisco Aironet 340 works perfictly :D

As does an Orinco Gold, but ui cant remember the version :(

Posted by @RsL@N on April 30 2005,12:14
Japonica or totty can you tell me the steps to install D-Link Air Plus DWL-G650+ on dsl 1.0.1 or any version of dsl please
Posted by Vendigo on May 07 2005,10:21
Pray forgive, but has anyone et run the Dlink 650+ card on DSL 1.0.1?

It seems completely invisible to my Toshiba Portege 3020


Posted by SomeGuyWithDSL on June 15 2005,15:09
What about wireless PCI cards? How are they handled under Linux?
Posted by Psyburn on July 01 2005,05:03
DWL-G650 v.C2 works right off the bat (a.k.a. just use wlanconfig and pump!) with DSL 1.2.1
Also have DSL v.1.0 but have not used it since getting v.1.2.1

I also have a Gigafast UIC-741 and a Linksys WPC54G v.2

The Gigafast UIC-741 is a USB adapter using a ZyDAS 1201 chipset there are some odd drivers I cant test until DSL uses Kernel 2.6
They the older drivers are a piece of work you don't want to use unless you are serious. But I have not tried the newer drivers myself.

Linksys WPC54G v.2 is a PCMCIA based on the Texas Instruments AXC111 chipset which seems to work when setting it up then the system crashes as soon as IMHO the adapter acually connects to the AP when using Ndiswrapper. Now there is a different set of drivers made for the ACX100/111 chipset but I have not tested yet as DSL does not have "make" by default

Posted by KonradziK on July 01 2005,18:02
Does "dlink dwl 520+" work on dsl ??
Posted by doobit on July 25 2005,12:45
I can get my ATT PCMCIA card with lwlan to blink both lights on and off , but doesn't seem to be actually sending a signal since the router doesn't see anything. The card initiallizes on bootup, but nothing else seems to work.
Posted by doobit on July 26 2005,15:04
With the KDE wireless manager in MEPIS It works immediately after boot up.
Posted by tempestuous on July 26 2005,15:47
your driver should be wavelan_cs.  Run "lsmod" to see if it is loaded.  If not, run "sudo modprobe wavelan_cs", then use iwconfig to set up your wireless settings.

Posted by Heisenberg on July 27 2005,09:40

A taiwanese piece of shite called a Cameo WLB 1201 with a Realtek RTL8180 chipset is running very well under Ndiswrapper, both under DSL 1.3 and 0.9.1. , using the latest XP Driver from the Realtek site.

Interestingly enough, the Ndiswrapper tool from dsl did not work. Under terminal no problems.


Posted by doobit on July 28 2005,14:58
Quote (tempestuous @ July 26 2005,11:47)
your driver should be wavelan_cs. Run "lsmod" to see if it is loaded. If not, run "sudo modprobe wavelan_cs", then use iwconfig to set up your wireless settings.

Thank you! Once I've loaded the driver, how do I save everything so it loads automatically the next time?
Posted by jimbo62 on July 28 2005,18:20
DSlinux version 1.2.1

D-link DWL G650 v.C1 Made in Taiwan  - Atheros chip set.

Netgear WG511 v2.0 Made in Taiwan  -  Prism54 driver and isl3890 firmware.

ZoomAir 4100   -  Prism2/2.5/3 driver.

ZoomAir 4103   -  Prism2/2.5/3 driver.

Good luck, jimbo

Posted by UndCon on July 28 2005,19:33
I just tried a D-Link DWL-G122 USB
it doesnt get detected at all
(im running DSL 1.3.1)

Bummer - i need WLAN to work

EDIT : tried with ndiswrapper but it didnt work either - i might have done wrong...

Posted by Headly on July 29 2005,10:01
Didn't Work
3com Office Connect Wireless 11G (802.11g)

DID Work
Xircom Wireless Ethernet Adapter (802.11b)

Woo Hoo!!

Posted by UndCon on July 31 2005,16:55
i bought a new Netgear WG311T 108Mbps wireless PCI adapter
(was on sale)

no drivers supplied from netgear so i tried ndiswrapper and it seems to work properly

ndiswrapper and netcardconfig is required until i can get it to connect automatically

Posted by Shifty51 on Aug. 03 2005,02:30
d-link dwl-650 rev .p1 --> works like a charm
prism 2/2.5/3 chipset

Posted by shifty51 on Aug. 03 2005,02:37
scratch that...detected at start-up, not when used in dsl panel --> wlan cards
Posted by Guest on Aug. 05 2005,18:07
Do i need to enter my network key, and if so, how?
Posted by newOldUser on Aug. 05 2005,23:21

DSL 1.4.0 with Compex USB WLU11A device

My version of the device uses the Atmel chipset. There are at least two versions of the device. Plug it into the machine and boot dsl (liveCD boot is fine) .  After boot open xterm and enter dmesg command.  Look for lines that start with "usb".  If you see a line with PID 0x7605 then you have this device.  The other version has a PID of 0x7603

Lots of info at < Berlios-Atmel page >

I had to do a hard drive install to get the Berlios driver to work. I guess I could try to remaster a live CD now but that's for another day (probably more like another week)

1) install DSL on hard drive
2) install Berlios drivers
3) sudo update-modules
4) sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid WIRELESS_LAN_NAME key WEP_KEY mode Managed
5) sudo pump -i wlan0

those commands were from my memory so I hope I got them right.

Thanks again Tempestuous.

Posted by vhangell on Aug. 07 2005,04:26
ZyXel G-162 works with ndiswrapper
dsl 1.3

its junk! :( but hey... it works !:??? whew...

Posted by Dan on Aug. 08 2005,18:26
Dell TrueMobile 1150 (PCMCIA) works :)
Posted by bluedog on Aug. 08 2005,23:36
Netgear HA501 802.11a
Posted by Kiaas on Aug. 14 2005,07:10
the wired 56kModem in my pc...I can't seem to get DSL to find it in any manner.. I have 5 other problems too...but I want to fix netowrking right now
Posted by vhangell on Aug. 14 2005,14:04
My zyxel g162 wont work with a frugal of dsl1.4, it was working with ndis when 1.3-hd install. I dont know why not with 1.4. It just locks up.  Anyways, I Hope someone would summarize this thread and create an arranged list/table with Card type, chipset, driver, supported since dsl ver. as the columns

Card             Chipset      Standard        driver             under dsl ver.     Notes   by
Zyxel G162    TI AX111    A,B,B+,G,G+  Ndiswrapper     1.3                   vhangell
.blah blah
Netgear blah blah ...

If ony i have the time

Posted by hawk_222b on Aug. 18 2005,00:50
Super easy to setup!

Linksys WPC54GS v1.2

Posted by polypagan on Aug. 23 2005,18:49
DSL 1.2 on Dell Inspiron 1100 (512 MB, non-enhanced hd-install to 700 MB partition)

no-brand with Realtek chip -- nope
D-Link DWL-650 v.P1 -- nope
Linksys WPC54G ver. 1.2 -- yup!  works with ndiswrapper and Win driver.  I need a little script to set up security, etc.  (which throws errors when first run, but runs clean second time !?)

Sorry, don't have easy access to script from here...
Just ifconfig's, iwconfig's and route, nothin' fancy.

Happy to be on the net... Thanx for this forum!

Posted by cantormath on Aug. 24 2005,23:21
Has anyone tried the ndiswrapper on sourceforge with linksys or belkin usb or card?
Might work.....

Posted by cantormath on Aug. 29 2005,08:37
Atheros AR5004G Wireless Network Adapter #2

I dont know enough about wireless to configure it, but DSL sees it and everyone says its a totally linux compatible internal card.

Posted by Chlothar III. on Sep. 04 2005,17:58
D-Link AirPlus DWL-650+ works using ndiswrapper
Posted by share on Sep. 13 2005,14:11
Works out of the box with the PenDragon (wireless USB 128Mb PenDrive), Prism chipset. Its also bootable.

< >

Posted by larkl on Sep. 21 2005,11:57
Netgear MA311 PCI unknown version WORKS with:

>iwconfig eth0 essid <ssid> mode <mode> key <hex WEP>

Posted by kuky on Oct. 01 2005,16:13
Zaapa wlan usb 802.11.b year 2003 works with driver atmel

< >
in the repository test there are another atmel driver by

elmfl as superuser
1 tar -xzvf at503....
2 cd at503...
3 make
4 make install
read "readme" to instalmod 3 files
out elmf

goes to app wlan an configure
goes to app card config

goes to emlf or xwindows as superuser and

ping ip adress of your card..if is ok the cpu send mesages of trasmition..

the next init of cpu you have to  write instalmod (insmod) and card config ... my science dont works more ...for boots init is needed help of gurus..

a version is in the repository testing by tempestous, but in zaapa cards dont work the moment im a newbe in linux

Posted by tempestuous on Oct. 02 2005,01:03
The BerliOS Atmel driver supports some, not all, Atmel USB devices.  See their compatibility list at < >
You won't see "Zaapa" listed there ... is Zaapa a rebadged CNet??

The Sourceforge Atmel driver (also available as mydsl) supports some Atmel USB devices, too.

A good start would be to identify the exact model of Atmel chipset in your device, and maybe the Manufacturer ID number.
"cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" or "dmesg"
The manid number will help with the BerliOS compatibility list, and the chipset model number may help with the Sourceforge driver because there are differennt versions of the driver for different chipsets.

After installing the driver and running "depmod" or "update-modules", the steps are -

modprobe at76c503-rfmd  (for BerliOS driver ... or)
modprobe usbvnetr / usbvnet5 / usbvnet5_2958 / usbvnet5A / usbvnet5AMX (for Sourceforge driver)
iwconfig wlan0 (or atml0 for Sourceforge) essid MY_ESSID key 1234567890 mode Managed
pump -i wlan0 (or atml0)

Posted by MinatureMe on Oct. 03 2005,15:43
I got the MSI CB11B to work on an old 150 Mhz IBM Thinkpad, using ndiswrapper and the drivers from the supplied CD-rom (The downloadable drivers did not work).

The same card would not work on a 133 Mhz Fujitsu laptop (due, I think, to Bios IRQ problems).

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 03 2005,17:36
Add new cards to the list in the Wiki, please.

Makes is nice, organized, and most importantly, SEARCHABLE!

See the topic < HERE > for info on how to contribute!

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