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started by: chalexwack311

Posted by chalexwack311 on Nov. 15 2003,20:26
I am having trouble getting damn small linux 5.0 to connect to the internet on my compaq laptop.  It has a card that i pluggedx into the laptop that takes an ethernet wire but it doesn't seem to have any of the lights on the card on, so i guess damn small linux doesn't recoginize the card then?
Posted by KevB on Nov. 15 2003,21:26
Did you setup your network with netcardconfig??
Posted by chalexwack311 on Nov. 15 2003,23:56
nope, is that a gui or a console setup program? and how would i use it?, thanks
Posted by KevB on Nov. 17 2003,20:04
It's terminal based, but don't worry it's easy to use. It's available from the right click menu, I can't remember exactly which menu it's in but it's there somewhere. It will ask you if you connect using DHCP, to which you answer yes or no, if yes hopefully it will configure itself. If no, you'll need to enter your network settings.
Posted by KevB on Nov. 17 2003,20:06
Forgot to mention, if netcardconfig can't find your card:

First check it's linux compatible.
Then search Google for you card name and the word linux. You may find you need to add some lines to some configuration files in /etc/pcmcia.

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