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started by: fhfhfof

Posted by fhfhfof on Nov. 20 2003,22:33
When I give the options noapic nosmp at bootup to the kernel, it goes into some sort of loop after "Configuring network interfaces"- something about eth0 not resetting after 10ms, and it won't start the shell or GUI or anything else. How do I fix this? (PS- I finally got a readable CD.)
Posted by fhfhfof on Nov. 20 2003,22:57
Whoops. If you let it sit for a few minutes it will break out of the loop and start normally. But it won't get the Internet.
Posted by KevB on Nov. 21 2003,12:16
You'll need to post more info. How are you connecting to the Internet? Did you setup your network card? Are you using DHCP or not?
Posted by fhfhfof on Nov. 21 2003,12:18
I use a cable modem/10-100 Ethernet to connect. I don't know if I'm using DHCP, but in Knoppix, my Ethernet card was set up automatically without me having to type in IP adresses and the like. However, I did have to give the options noapic nosmp for it to connect.
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