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started by: Simmo

Posted by Simmo on April 19 2006,03:37

Anyone know how to enable syslogd under DSL?  I wish to monitor UDP traffic from a remote server on port 514.

Many thanks

Posted by mikshaw on April 19 2006,04:42
use the boot option "syslog", or start syslogd from /opt/  It will log to /var/log/messages
Posted by Simmo on April 19 2006,08:03

Thanks for that.  I have done that, and syslogd shows up in messages as starting.  However no log entries are appearing.  Netstat does not show it as listening either.

What is the 'syslog' file in /var/log ?  That is showing zero bytes.

Anything else I can check?


Posted by mikshaw on April 19 2006,14:30
I dunno what else to say, really.  I use the syslog boot option, and tail /var/log/messages...that's all.  I have to chmod /var/log/messages so i can see it as user dsl...don't know if that helps.
Posted by Simmo on April 20 2006,06:52
OK, thanks for that.  I am already tailing the log, and have sudo su so permissions should not be a problem.  

Sounds like it might be a port restriction/firewall type issue, as I can see the logs from a PC on that port.

Strange that netstat doesn't show syslogd running though.


Posted by chaostic on June 23 2008,14:22
Just wanted to answer this for completeness sake (Incase someone searches for an answer to this).

The busybox syslogd that dsl uses does not offer logging FROM remote hosts (option -r), only logging to remote hosts (Option -R [hostname/ip] and option -L (remote & local logging). You would need a full feature syslogd to be able to log from other systems.

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