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started by: csaunier

Posted by csaunier on April 16 2008,02:49
 I just finished installing DSL on my old Toshiba laptop using the TOMSRTBT method.  The 3comm etherlink card (3c589c) worked great for the install, but won't work from the hardrive now.  Is there any hope to get this thing working?  How do I do it.  You have to speak slowly and clearly, I'm new at this.  Thanks.

Posted by andrewb on April 16 2008,05:00
What is the model of your network card e.g. 3ccfe......?

I had problems with one of the 3Com cards due to missing files in the directory /etc/pcmcia/cis. Have a look there to see if anything matches your card. also use cardinfo to find out what the card is being seen as by DSL

Posted by csaunier on April 17 2008,00:35
Thanks for answering.  The card is a model 3c589c.  I checked in /etc/pcmcia/cis and didn't find anything that looked like my card.  There were some that looked like they were 3comm numbers but not mine.
Posted by spark-o-matic on June 12 2008,18:40
hi csaunier,

You may want to have a look at this thread.

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Please let us know if you got it working and how.


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