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Topic: Pcmcia card manager failure
started by: csaunier

Posted by csaunier on May 13 2008,03:11
Installed DSL on my Toshiba Tecra 740cdt and I'm now using a Cisco Airnet 350 wireless card.  The problem is that while booting, after "starting card manager 3.2.2" , and " executing modprobe memory_cs" , I see a message that card manager "can't find module memory_cs"  and then "module lib/modules/2.4.31 pcmcia/memory_cs not available"  and finally "get device info failed" along with a high beep and then a low beep.
If I boot without the card inserted card manager starts fine but when I insert the card (any card) I get the high beep low beep and it doesn't work.
I understand Toshiba's are quirky in this area. Can anyone help?

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